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Wednesday, December 27, 2006:
A new year, a new look?
I'm easily bored, yet not very savvy when it comes to updating stuff. I actually had Lucy Monroe teaching me template code stuff way back when I first got my blog. (She's so sweet). Now it's been almost a year, and I think it's time to update, at least somewhat, but I don't know this stuff, and as much as I would love to ask (beg!) someone to help, maybe I should do it myself (????)
So I'm looking for advice on places I can find a 3-column template. I've seen some really cool ones (Ames and Holly for starters). 2007 is just around the corner and I am ready to start fresh, if at all possible - lots of fun stuff is planned in the new year. Any suggestions you can offer would be most appreciated. Muchos gracias.

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  1. Ah, no help but just wanted to say 'May the Force be with you'. I have also considered doing my own template and have even fiddled with a few things. Then I scouted out a ready made template ;)

    If you do want to fool around with your template you should set up a test blog to try stuff out on it. I have two test blogs that I go and play around on to see how the codes work.


  2. Happy Late Christmas, Stacy! I'm so behind on everything, but I thought of you over the holiday. :)

    As for the template, I would LOVE to offer to help you, but alas, I'm blogger code retarded. LOL Mailyn designs all my stuff and Isabel and Dylan fix it anytime something goes wrong. LOL

    But I'll definitely tell them you're looking for something new. :)

    I hope you have a great New Year!


  3. I'm with Holly. I'd like to say I can help you out, but I'm not very good with HTML code and what not. But I do know that Ames and Mailyn are fab with things like that. Ames helped me put together my new layout, and she was ever so helpful! She made it really easy for me.

    Good luck with the new layout, and I hope you have a good New Year!

  4. Thanx everyone - I'll keep trying. Maybe I'll bug Ames *g*

    Thanx Holly, it sounds like you had fun in Vegas. I was just there too and can't wait to go back. HNY!

    Hey Grace, great to see ya. I'll have to check out your new look. I'm slowly bloghopping again now that the holidays are over. Have a great NY :)

  5. It's great to be able to blog hop again! I've missed some good posts, although I still have plenty to catch up on. Hehe.

    Do you have plans set for New Years?

  6. Hi Stacy-my ears were burning, so I knew someone was talking about me! LOL

    I got the three column template from this site:

    And just goofed around with colors and the background. If you want some help with that, I'm available. :P Mailyn is really good though at designing stuff.

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