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Wednesday, January 17, 2007:
Starstruck a.k.a. my moment to meet Josh Bernstein
I give up. The computer has defeated me. I am currently at the library, blogging in the public eye, which makes me feel like I am a teenaged girl oogling pictures of my high school crush. Seriously, I am waaay past that stage. At least physically.
So, you wanna hear about the Josh Bernstein booksigning? Why? Cuz you think he's cute? Smart? He makes you laugh? Or maybe you just love history? Well get this: how about all of the above? Yep, this guy has definitely got it goin' on.

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"Digging for the Truth", an adventure series on the History channel about some of the greatest historical mysteries, is fun and informative, and as the host, Josh takes us to the pyramids of Egypt to the jungles of Peru. I've only seen the first season of the show, and enjoyed it immensely. Sure Josh is dang cute but the guy has the brains to back it up (not to mention very white teeth).
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If he didn't, I don't think he would have held my attention past the first episode...of season 3 (debuts Monday, January 22nd). Seriously though, I've always liked history, and this show actually makes me want to hop on a plane or canoe and explore some of the most fascinating and remote areas in the world. Doesn't stuff like that get you all excited? I know I totally get into it. The more I learn, the more I want to know. The only thing(s) holding me back are an unlimited supply of cash and my fear of not getting a daily shower.
So anywayz, I knew awhile ago that Josh was going to be in town to do a booksigning, so I asked my co-worker Karen if she'd like to attend because I know she liked history and being much older than me, I figured she'd keep me from acting like a giggling fool. I had already purchased a copy of his book (see left sidebar) and had an edition of Experience Life, which you can only get if you have a membership to the Lifetime Fitness healthclub. (Don't ask me when the last time I was there). The signing was at 7pm, and I picked Karen up at her house around 5:45. Despite rush hour and the distance, we still made it there about 6:20. The chairs for the signing were completely filled, so we manuveured our way to a clearing near the info desk at the bookstore, and chatted with others who were there for the signing.
At about 7:05, the man himself (sigh!) makes an appearance. Let me just say that Josh has an interesting way of dressing. Not outlandishly, but not with what I'd call a whole lot of concern to fashion sense. He had on an orange-ish/brownish plaid shirt with a dark shimmery blue blazer, I guess almost cordoroy in appearance. (I wasn't able to download pictures - I promise in the next few days I will try to get some posted from the event, sans moi). So while we oohed and aahed over the fact he'd finally arrived, we had to wait about 15 minutes because a local t.v. station wanted an interview. So patiently we waited. Karen and I stationed ourselves in clear view of him - and yeah, he's cuter in real life. Just in case anyone had any doubt.
And just as funny. Very personable, and patient, as I'm sure he answers the same questions at least 55 times a day. He told amusing anecdotes about the show, especially those involving his numerous bumps and bruises - from anaphylactic shock to dysentery - his job is not all glamour and glory. He also shares moments from his relationship with archeaologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, a very passionate and intense man who has appeared on several episodes of "Digging for the Truth". He told us about going to a Borders in downtown Chicago, asking to signing copies of his own book and being initially treated like he just got out of juvenile detention and was there to de-face their property, which he found amusing. That's probably one of the things I liked best about him: how down-to-earth he is. No entourage, no whining, no fashionably late appearance. He has such an enthusiasm for people, and for what he does, that it's extremely contagious.
Finally the moment of truth: #48 in line. Karen, who had originally decided not to buy a book, gets one before I'm at the front of the line and instead of getting a new number, piggybacks on mine. Okay, no problem. I let her go ahead of me, so she got her chance to talk to him. All I had asked her to do was to take one picture of him and him as he's signing my book. You'd think as I handed him my book that it would mean her turn was over. Well, if you think that and I think that, the only person who didn't know was Karen. She kept asking him questions, completely forgetting to take my picture. He said a few words to me, was impressed that I had that magazine (I think it was published in 2005 or early 2006) and then it was over.
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Did I get a chance to ask a question? No. Then as I said good-bye, Karen's all "okay, let's go". Let's go???? You stupid effing bitch, I'm thinking loudly to myself. I don't even have my coat on, you didn't take a picture of me (in fact the lady who was ahead of us, a complete stranger, mind you, took my picture while Karen was stealing my time) , you would have never known about the booksigning, and now YOU are ready to go? It took God and a whole hell of a lot of angels to prevent a murder that night, let me tell you. But did I say anything? No. Not then. I was so furious with her that I absolutely could not deal with it, especially since I was driving and was so beyond tempted to leave her there. She didn't get it until the next day, and yeah, she apologized, but I don't know that it was sincere. She should still be groveling as far as I'm concerned. See, Karen's like that. It's about her. No one else. All I wanted was the chance to ask one question. Just one. I had a few in mind and figured one of them would pop into my head. Too bad I don't know which one would have won. So yeah, I was bitter. REDRUM, REDRUM kinda bitter. But what could I have done? Wrestled her to the ground? Told her to shut the eff up and give someone else a chance? Yeah, that woulda gone over well. I know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em, and lets just say she's lucky I am grace under pressure.
However, you gotta let it go sometime, and all in all, it was a really fun night, and I truly enjoyed myself because the energy level was so high and people were friendly and accommodating. It wasn't overly crowded, and the time just flew by. Karen is still my friend, but like any adult who takes the higher road, I just choose to hate her from time to time now *g* And I would highly recommend going to such an event to anyone who's ever wondered about it. Seriously, I hope you don't take away that I had a bad experience. 95% of the night was great. I have a new appreciation for someone who is in the public eye for something other than scandal or gossip or whatever.

So there you have it. Like I said, I'll try and post some pictures from the event because they really do give you more of a feel for what kind of person he is, and not just as someone on t.v. I like him even more now. And did I mention how dang adorable that boy is? Well, I'm saying it now. It's like, a fact.
Have you ever met anyone famous?
Who would you like to meet (author, actor, performer)?
Has anyone ever left you starstruck?

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  1. First off, so sorry you are still having computer problems!!

    Second, OMG, I would have wanted to kill her too!! I think I would have butted in, made a fool of myself, and regretted it later. I'm glad you didn't do that. I'm glad that all in all, you had a good time. And he is hot. He is my Luciano!!

    Also, did you see on my blog that I contracted a new story?

  2. I'm with Kelley! First, sorry bout the puter. Second, she would be dead now. I would have kicked her really hard in the shin. lol You're a better man than I. ;)

    Have you ever met anyone famous?
    Zachary Ty Bryant who was the oldest kid on Tool Time (can't remember the actual name right now..LOL). He was a total ass. He came into the bar I was working at and demanded this that and the other thing while staring at my chest. the fifth time he called me away from another of my tables for something stupid I told him, "Look, I realize you grew up on T.V. But I DON'T CARE. All of these other people in here? They're just as important to me as you are. So, either you wait your turn like everyone else, or you walk your happy @$$ up to the bar and get it yourself."

    Everyone else in my section cheered and he left me a hefty tip at the end of the night. *sigh*

    Who would you like to meet (author, actor, performer)?
    Not that I can think of off the top of my head. Well, not since Keith Urban decided to marry Nicole, anyway. ;)

    Has anyone ever left you starstruck? Not that I can remember. But I don't really get starstruck about stuff. I just don't care that much.

  3. OK - I know who he is now - well sort of - I've heard of him but I've never seen the show. He is cute isn't he?
    And as for your friend - really, seriously - doesn't it just kind of feel good in a feel bad kind of way to hate our friends at times. I have one that makes me so mad sometimes and I'm hatin' her for a day or two and then let it go - but it does feel kind of good - in a bad way - to hate her for a bit.

  4. Hey, Stacy, Josh was on The Daily Show last night - did you see it?

    As for meeting famous people, hey, I live in LA! See 'em all the time. My first job was as a cashier at a car wash all through junior high and high school. All the famous folks came in every week to wash their cars. I remember being totally starstruck when Jamie Farr came in the first time. I was the biggest M*A*S*H fan!

    Bob & I used to live in NoHo next to what's commonly referred to as the "Rock'n'Roll Ralph's". It's where all the rock stars go to do their grocery shopping. So, nope, not much phases me anymore, not once you've seen Heather Locklear putting tampons in her grocery cart LOLOL.

  5. tStacey ((hugs!)) on the computer issues. Guess that explains if you haven't gotten in touch with author Katherine Spangler yet.

    Also, how sucky that you were submarined by your 'friend', an older woman who should have known better. Guess she succumbed to the girly giggles to the Nth degree. Never take her to a NK showing, if there ever would be one. That's one event YOU should hog.

    AS for who'd I ever met? David Copperfield. Before all his TV hoopla. He was so gracious.

    Who I'd LIKE to meet?
    Believe it or not, it was Steve Irwin. How I miss that guy.
    NOw....Dr. Halliwell.

  6. That really sucks about your friend, but I'm glad to hear you still had a great time. Meeting people you admire is a lot of fun. I haven't really "met" anyone famous but I once got to see Michael Jordan play at a game. I was also in the same room with R&B singer/actor, Tyreese, once. I did get to meet author Stephenie Meyer (YA author of Twilight and New Moon) at the National Book Festival last summer. It was my first booksigning ever and it was especially fun 'cause I really enjoy Meyer's work. A person I would like to meet? Johnny Deep, Jay-Z, Will Smith...they just seem like cool people. ;-)

    LOL @ Holly! Go you! That was a great story.

  7. Yay! I have been eagerly awaiting to hear all about Josh! If I had been in your position I would have probably grabbed your friend by the forehead and pushed her out of distance until I finished with my Josh-experience! I have really long arms, so it would have done the job. lol Probably better that you didn't do that though. :)

    I have never met anyone least not famous enough that I cared anyway.

    I would LOVE to meet Josh!

    Nope, can't say I have ever been starstruck...I live in Indiana, not much to get starstruck about. :(

  8. Sorry about your computer. :( Do you want my tech monkey to take it out book and beat it into submission? LOL My dad can fix anything. :P

    Ok-a Brad Pitt look alike made me speechless. I think I even stopped breathing. I was in line at the coffee shop and this guy turned around and looked at me with those blue blue eyes. I thought I was really looking at Brad Pitt!

    But I've met Adam Beach a couple of times. He's in the movie Flags of Our Fathers.

  9. I'm so sorry about your friend! How selfish.

    Still, sounds like you had a great time!

    Growing up in SoCal I saw a lot of famous people. I did sort of know Chuck Norris - his production company was right next door to the law firm I worked for. Not so exciting.

  10. That stinks about the computer problem :(
    Meeting famous people -
    I have not met many famous people. Except I did see Hulk Hogan and family when they came into my Blockbuster once when i was working. We just treated them like everyone else. They were really nice to us.

    Who would you like to meet -
    Orlando Bloom, he seems very sweet (and very cute) Though i would probably be tongue tied ( and not in a good way;)

  11. Sorry about the computer Stace, I know that's a bear!

    As for your friend (and I use that word LOOSELY), what a lousy thing to do to you.

    I sure wish you'd done something, like laugh and say "ok, Karen, you've hogged him enough, it's my turn to ask a question." I know, I know, it's easy to think of stuff like that AFTER the fact.

    As for Josh, I LOVE HIM!! Actually I love Haw'ass more because he's got all this knowledge that I crave about the Egyptian culture. You'll understand that when Mirage is released by Samhain. But Josh is definitely a hottie, and the show is on my TIVO list of regulars. I've even saved a couple of the shows. LOVED the one with him on finding the Ark!

    The next time you go to a book signing with him. DO NOT take Karen and use the line, "Well at last I get to ask you a question, the last time we met, the gal I was with hogged all your time." *grin*

    Hugs, Monica

  12. Guess Karen will not be invited along next time, eh?

    I love the show "Digging For the Truth" - watch it all the time. Is JB on of those guys who is even more handsome in person?

    As far as meeting anyone famous, my hometown in Bozeman, MT and lots of celebs hang out there. Jeff Bridges is *not* handsome in person! LOL I waited on Sandra Bullock once at the restaurant I worked at in college. She was just what she seems to be - very nice and a great tipper! I have seen lots of other celebs in passing but none of them have left me star struck. My sister was at a party in Big Sky at the Yellowstone Club where Jude Law was in attendance. That might have done it :)

  13. Mr. Bernstein's trip to Austin, Texas, was it a little more than business? You do know his ex gal pal lives there. Kelie Plank. I am sure it is purely coincidence, correct? Miss Plank seems to meet his pre-requisite of the perfect woman "Who would travel the world with him". From what I can gather, she has known him for quite some time, all the way back to Boulder, CO where they both lived. We checked out her myspace page and found she has quite the circle of celebrity taste.

  14. Hey there just wanted to plug the fact that over at we’re running a Digging For The Truth competition and we’re just about to publish an interview with Josh!

    Thought you and your readers might be interested.

  15. Stacy - I SO understand that Josh Bernstein thing - I understand it myself. AND you are grace, because if that had happened to me...I just don't know what I would have done.

    So, when ARE you going to post those pics???

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