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Sunday, January 21, 2007:
Internet, apologies, and writing...oh and the Bears
Well, I think I might just have returned from the darkside. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is just not just a lucky fluke to be on-line, at home, on my own computer. It seems that there was a problem with my connection, and after much hair-pulling, cussing, and violent tendencies that fortunately were not acted upon, all seems to be well.
I have to extend my apologies to those who've been trying to get in touch with me during the month of January - I am so sorry that it's been so difficult these last several weeks. I appreciate your patience while I try and do a major catch-up as quickly as I can (you don't even want to know how many emails I have in my in-box!) It makes me realize just how much time I actually do spend on-line, and how I feel like I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms when I can't play. Made me get out and get a life LOL. Thanx again for putting up with me.
Since I had a lot of free time on my hands, I did something I never thought I'd really seriously do and have come to the conclusion that I really, seriously shouldn't: writing. I fiddle around with writing when I do my interviews, but most of it is told in another person's POV. To actually take an idea floating around in my head and make it into an actually story is even harder than I ever imagined, much harder than when I was 12 and would make up these elaborate stories with all kinds of crazy plots going on. To take an idea and to flesh it out, make it interesting, and use my own voice is incredibly challenging, more than I think I can handle. Or even wish to. I enjoy spending my time reading, and I think using that time to write would take away a lot of that enjoyment because I have soooo much to learn. So I have an even greater admiration for those who sit down and make it happen. I just don't think I have it in me. Will I ever reveal any of the (drivel) tidbits of story I've created? Not on your life!
Oh and I mustn't forget to mention that this weekend the big news around town was the Bears game - they won! Next stop: Superbowl. Now I'm not a huge Bears fan, having moved here I was 19. In fact I don't really have a strong allegiance to any team - isn't that sad? But it's fun to get involved and go to parties and cheer and feel like a part of something big, so congrats to the Chicago Bears - and good luck :)
Are you a sports fan? Who is YOUR team?

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  1. LOL - I know what you are saying. Every once in a while, I will think I have a really great idea for a story and I will sit down to write it and then I realize just how flippin' hard it is! I'm much more of a reader than a writer, I believe.

    Oh,and my team is the Colts baby and we are going to the Super Bowl to play your Bears! You're going down! ;)

  2. I'm a colts fan too, Jodi!! They are the only team I ever watch!!

    So glad to have you back, Stacy!! We missed ya.

  3. Good luck to the Bears--I think I'm kind of supporting the Colts (a kiss of death to be sure).

    Writing is hard. If you're really interested pick up a really good craft book and go from there--if you're playing, just enjoy it :)

  4. Ron was a HUGE Bears fan. I watched the game yesterday and smiled when they won because he was also a Leafs fan - and there's no way they are going to the Stanley Cup finals in the forseeable future. So - Bears all the way for me!

  5. Oh Jodi, them are some fightin' words! Get ready to rumble, baby LOL

    Et tu, Kelley? Heck, you're just to sweet to stay mad at *g*

    Toni, I have to admit I'm not 100% Bears cuz I grew up in MN with the Vikings, and I want the purple jerseys to win. Purple is such a pretty color LOL. And thanx for the advice. I still feel a bit of a yearning to write, so I will see where it takes me.

    Kristie, I knew I could count on you! Well, actually I didn't, but I appreciate the support. I'm hoping the Bears win for your Ron :)

  6. Writing a story is HARD! Thinking of a story and even telling a story isn't nearly as hard as putting on paper.

    I'm not a huge football fan and since I've lived in three distinct parts of the country I'm a very fickle fan. I am routing for the Colts, though, because I like Payton Manning.

  7. True writers, write. That's just what they do. They do it because they have stories to tell. I've tried writing many times but I never seem to finish anything I start. Writing IS hard, but I don't think it should be as hard as it is for me. Which brought me to the realization that I'm just not meant to be a writer. lol. But if you enjoy what you do, and/or you feel you have shories to tell, then you should definitely keep at it! Just write what you feel like. :-)

    As for sports, I've never been a sports fan. At all. lol.

  8. Ha! I'm typically bad luck so I should probably keep my mouth shut. :P I'm rooting for them all the way though! Plus, I love Peyton and he is seriously so nice in person!!

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