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Thursday, August 05, 2010:
Television re-wind: Buffy season 4

I forgot how much I enjoyed this season until I re-watched it. I am probably one of the few who actually liked Buffy and Riley together. I thought he was adorable and more grounded, gentler with Buffy, exactly what she needed. I don't think people understand how important that was for her to experience after what she'd gone through with Angel. And it was a good continuation of the series, what with the changes with Spike, and each of the Scoobys finding their own path. Gosh I miss this show!

1. The Freshman: It's the first day of college and Buffy realizes she's out of her element, while Willow & Oz fit right in. Buffy is beaten up pretty badly by the campus fanged squad, and runs home to mommy, who has already adjusted to her being away at college. It was interesting watching Buffy adjusting to being the misfit. And I loved Willow's hair in this episode.

2. Living Conditions: Buffy is trying to not let her irritating roommate annoy her, and of course the girl is not all she appears. Buffy is getting all gooey over Parker, the first guy she shows interest in since Angel, but thinks her roomie is trying to horn in. The Scooby gang thinks Buffy is going off the deep end with all her complaints against Kathy and plans an intervention.

3. Harsh Light of Day: Buffy sleeps with Parker, who got what he wanted from her and ditches her. Anya sleeps with Xander, who got what he wanted and ignores her. Harmony hands Spike the Ring of Amara, and bails on Harmony after getting what he wanted. Buffy feels vulnerable, unsure of herself. A little depressing to see so many of the girls moping over the guys.

4. Fear, Itself: It's Halloween, and the Scoobys end up at a party where a fear spell is triggered by Oz's blood and all occupants in the house experience their worst fears. Only, the demon that has been summoned is not what anyone would expect. Perhaps fears aren't always as bad as we imagine them to be.

5. Beer Bad: Buffy is still not over Parker, and while obsessing about him, she once again runs into Riley. We learn about the Id, Ego & Super Ego. Id just wants, all the time. It's about the Pleasure Principle. Then there's bad beer. And Willow isn't gullible enough to fall for Parker's spiel. Go Willow!

6. Wild at Heart: Spike is captured by the Initiative. Oz is reluctantly attracted to another girl who just happens to be a werewolf too, and he unintentionally betrays Willow. Devastated, Willow almost gets hit by a car, but Riley saves her. Oz decides to leave town since he cannot control his wolf and is afraid to hurt Willow any more than he already has.
7. The Initiative: Riley and Forest are eating lunch and Forest is oohing and aahing over Buffy. Riley thinks she's peculiar, and doesn't see what the big deal is about her, only to realize after he hears his buddies talk smack about her that he really does like her. Meanwhile, Spike is inside the compound, cursing the Slayer for all his misfortunes. But he escapes, and goes after Buffy. Only he finds Willow instead, but when he tries to bite her, he's riddled with pain (sexy & funny episode). Then he's recaptured. But escapes again. Buffy & Riley fight each other without realizing who the other person is.

8. Pangs: Angel! His friend has a vision that she's in danger, so he follows her w/o her knowing. Meanwhile she tries to plan for Thanksgiving. A vengeful Indian spirit has come to Sunnydale and is killing people. Spike tries to plead his case to Harmony. He ends up going to the Scoobys of all people for help. Hilarious.

9. Somethng Blue: Oz ends up having all his stuff sent to him, sending Willow back into a depression which causes her to resent her heartache. She casts a spell and ends up making strange things happen, like when Buffy & Spike kiss!

10. Hush: One of the best episodes!!! The gentlemen come to town, stealing voices...& hearts. Riley & Buffy kiss for the 1st time, and realize something about the other. Giles makes hilarious stick figures. Buffy makes hilarious gestures. Classic.

11. Doomed: Riley & Buffy need to talk. Earthquake! Spike tries to commit suicide. Not the best of days.

12. New Man: Buffy's surprise 19th birthday. Buffy meets Professor Walsh as an Initiative operative. Giles becomes a demon and only Spike can understand him. Tara & Willow do spells.

13. The I in Team: Buffy meets the Initiative. Spike ditches the Scoobys. Adam! Willow hangs out with Tara. Buffy & Riley knocking boots while being watched on camera.

14. Goodbye, Iowa: Adam is free. Riley realizes that maybe the Initiative is not the great cause he thought it was. He ends up getting sick. More spells for Willow & Tara. Adam reveals some damning truths.

15. This Year's Girl: little sis is coming. Faith & the Mayor. Faith wakes up from her coma. A secret group visits Giles.

16. Who are you?: Faith & Buffy end up trading bodies. Faith has fun mimicking Buffy in the mirror. Meanwhile Buffy, as Faith, is sedated. Tara tells Willow she's hers. Faith flirts with Spike and gets him all hot & bothered.

17. Superstar: Jonathan rules the world & solves everyone's problems. He's better than the Slayer, has millions of adoring fans, the world at his feet. At a price.

18. Where the Wild Things Are: At a party, Buffy & Riley screw like bunnies, which furls the impure passions of the hainted frat house. Giles sings & plays guitar!

19. New Moon Rising: Willow's got a girlfriend! Oz is back! Riley finally comes to terms with who he is and accepts the world is not black & white.

20. The Yoko Factor: Spike makes a deal with Adam & does his best to create dissent in the Scooby gang. Riley turns to Adam...

21. Primeval: Adam has definite plans. The Scoobies are missing each other after their huge fight. They reunite to stop Adam from waging his war and realize they have been played.

22. Restless: wired after the fighting, Buffy & Eollow & Xander & Giles fall asleep on Joyce's couch. First slayer. This was a cool episode because there's a lot of history here, a journey for each of the gang, where they fit in, where they don't. Loved getting to see the first Slayer.

So, what did you think of season 4?
And what about Riley: love him or hate him?

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  1. I loved Buffy and the Scooby gang. Srsly-that was one of the bestest series ever. I always wanted her to find a way to be with Angel.
    My fav scene was the Halloween one where the gang is transformed into the costumes they were wearing. Buffy=scared Southern Belle, Willow=ghost, ect... I lol'd so hard during that one.
    Great post Stacy.

  2. I so have to watch this series. I never got into for some reason while it was on. Still can't remember why I didn't watch it.

  3. I love this season. It has one of my all time favorite episodes - Hush. I can't watch it over and over (and I do) and it never gets boring.

  4. Season 4 wasn't bad and Riley/Buffy grew on me (he just wasn't Angel), but then the writers just made him not so great. But HUSH is one of the very best eps ever!! When Riley and Buffy discover each other's secrets. That moment when they see each other - it gives me chills!

    Colette: WATCH THIS SERIES - but start at the beginning!

  5. While I liked a lot of episodes in Season 4, it took me a while to warm up to it, and it's not one of my favorite seasons.

    Definitely NOT a fan of "Captain Cardboard." :)

  6. I think Season 4 is seriously under-rated. It had some classic episodes and some fantastic comedy in it.

    As for Riley, I liked him BUT I think he was introduced much to early after Angel's departure.

  7. Not a Riley fan at all! Loved Oz & Willow together!

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