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Friday, July 30, 2010:
Author spotlight: Lisa M. Campbell
I've traveled the world, lived on two continents and in eleven cities.I've met my childhood hero, twice. I wore a uniform during wartime, though I never fired a shot. Thanks to my husband, I've flown an airplane. I'm a wife, and mother.I'm owned by two crazy cattle dogs, both of which I rescued from puppy prison. Right now I live in the beautiful Black Hills, the Oglala Sioux call Paha Sapa. I have a Celtic Connection with a Gaelic speaking friend. I write what I love to read.

Playing to the Room


Lisa M. Campbell

Those of us who write undoubtedly have a passion for it. Why else would we put ourselves through the difficulties of creating a cast of characters with seemingly insurmountable problems?

As an author of historical romance, I have noticed the high volume of paranormal books lining the shelves of our local bookstores. Publishers and readers alike clamor for these stories and though the saturation level is high, there doesn't seem to be any sign the genre is tapering off. Moreover, it's not just bricks and mortar stores packing them in. E-book sites all over the internet display page after page of paranormal titles and what once thought a fad is now a cornerstone of the billion-dollar a year romance industry.

No doubt, it sounds as if I'm opposed to such books. However, I write erotic paranormal under the pen name Marie March and have four titles due out this year. As well, I eagerly await the next Sookie Stackhouse adventure from Charlaine Harris, and the last installment in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. What I enjoy about these authors is their ability to create stories in which I'm able to suspend my disbelief and immerse myself in an all too real fantasy-world.

This brings up the question of writing strictly for profit of playing to the room. Should an author who stands out in his or her own category write to a specific market? From what I have read and heard, most Editors view this as a no-no. Yet, how many publishers out there, big and small, have calls out for paranormal manuscripts above anything else? With werewolf, vampire and shifter stories in demand the conclusion may be any submission will have a better than average acceptance rate. Such logic will set anyone up for disappointment and failure.

As a romance writer, you have to enjoy reading what you set out to write. With a paranormal, you have to believe in the unbelievable yourself otherwise the rudiments of your story just won't work. Therefore, I believe success in any form of writing depends on the blend of two essential elements…your talents and interests.

Where to Find Lisa:

Historical Romances:
Paranormal Erotica:

Superstition's Desire, Wild Horse Press 2009

The lush landscape of the Scottish Highlands holds great beauty, but also great peril. Therefore, when Lady Arabella Wyndmere is spirited away from her English home, she is right to fear for her heart and her welfare. Held to a deathbed vow, Laird Connal MacRae is honor-bound to deliver Lady Arabella unsullied, to his deposed older brother, as a prize to soothe his ego. Nevertheless, Connal cannot deny the burning ache the spirited beauty has awakened in him. However, something far more dangerous stalks from the shadows. And in a climate of treachery and betrayal; the greatest risk of all could be surrendering to the depth of feelings of unexpected love.

New Releases under Marie March:

INSATIABLE release date 29 July 2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Cavyn Sinclair is a centuries old vampire in search of conquest, but women are scarce in the wilds of Montana's Glacier National Park. Then he discovers a faint light trail left in the wake of an exotic creature he never thought to encounter.

To stay amongst her kindred, Loveday a Nymphomaniac in service to the House of Triune is forced to pay tribute to Medb on Beltane by participating in sexual revelry with any male she encounters, climaxing in Medb's name.

When Cavyn and Loveday come together the sex is raw and explosive. However, will they be able to sustain their passion or will Loveday fulfill her needs with Cavyn's nest mate Priscilla?

No matter how decadent the sex, Loveday longs for the freedom to choose her own destiny. Cavyn aids Loveday's bid for freedom, yet the payment Medb demands may be more than Loveday is willing to pay.

CHASING the NYMPH release date 17 Sep 2010

Publisher: Whispers Publishing

Ava an elite nymph of the coterie must take part in ceremonial sex to achieve orgasms for tribute to the Goddess of sexual revelry and intoxication. The orgasmic energy travels through her chain, the Filament of Light, transferring the rapture upon Medb and ensuring the continuation of Medb's life force.

Bastien is a fallen archangel, assigned to the Chaser Leagues tasked with capturing, and perhaps executing runaway nymphs. He has come to the temple bearing the Goddess an extraordinary gift in the hopes of buying thirty days with one nymph of the legendary coterie. In reality, he is infiltrating the temple to abduct Ava, but first he has to convince the nymph he is not what he seems.

When the two come together, it's unlike anything either has experienced. Nonetheless, Ava is unable to reconcile her unquenchable lust for Bastien, and the abhorrence she feels for his lethal profession.

Will Ava overcome her revulsion and forgive Bastien's deadly past, or will she decide love is too high a price to pay?



  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today, Stacy!

    ~Lisa :)

  2. Hi Lisa-

    Your books sound interesting. I will have to give them a try soon.

    Just curious who is your childhood hero?

    You mention the Snookie Stackhouse books are you a True Blood fan as well?

  3. Thanks for doing this :)

  4. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you! My childhood hero is Buzz Aldrin. I met him at a book signing in Alabama. and again in Florida few years back. I was awestruck to say the least, but he was very gracious.

    And yes, I am a HUGE fan of True Blood--Eric is my fav. :)

    Hey Buckeye Girl,

    I hope Michigan won't revoke my residency for talkin' to an Ohio State gal! lol
    Thanks for stopping in. ;D

  5. Thank you Lisa - very interesting post! All the best with the releases!

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