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Wednesday, July 28, 2010:
The goings-on around here
That saying about feast or famine is so true. I've either got nothin', or too much of a lot of things. Right now a lot is going on. Or has gone on. Or I just wanna ramble.....

On reviews:

  • Status: stalled. I have been in a severe reviewer slump for the last 2 or 3 weeks, and it's putting me into a bit of a panic. I've read some really good books I want to review, but the well has run dry. I don't know how to get the juices flowing again. It's driving me kinda crazy. I haven't had a problem finding good books to read (in fact I've ordered probably 12 books from B&N in the last month) it's that I've had a problem talking about them. I think I bore myself when I write up reviews, so I just don't have the desire right now, and that is a shame. There are so many fantastic authors out there whose books should be talked about. And I'm failing miserably.

On YouTube:

Status: addicted. Once again, thanx to those "bad influences" over on Twitter, I have recently become addicted to watching old clips from some of my favorite soap operas: Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach, Another World, Days of Our Lives. I'm hooked on Cruz & Eden from SB, Father Antonio & Gabi from SB, Dean & Jenna from AW, and Jack & Jennifer from DooL. These were the soaps I watched back in the day during those melodramatic teen years, and I find that they still have a hold over me. (Guilty pleasure: "Song for Jenna" by Dean. I just can't help myself, I'm hooked on this cheesy, mediocre song. Plus I had a mega crazy crush on Ricky Paull Goldin back then, and he's still a cutie in the clips, despite the outdated hairstyle - it was 1991/1992 after all. And I wanted to be Jenna sooooo bad!). Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done something like this. Please.

On reading:

Status: slow and steady. Things are going very well with my reading, and I've for the most part really been enjoying the books I've been indulging in. I finished book #3 in the Mercy Thompson series, and now have been enjoying, for the most part, Erin McCarthy's Hot Finish. The Suzanne I loved so much in the first 2 books is not so great right now. In fact I'm rather irritated with her, and think Ryder should go find someone else who will actually appreciate him more. However I'm still reading, so there's always a chance someone will be redeemed in my eyes.

On food:

  • Status: consuming. My "new" favorite thing right now is chocolate ice cream. I've never been the biggest fan of ice cream, but lately I love it, and have to have at least a small scoop everyday. Of course that's my calcium intake, so in my mind, I'm doing nothing wrong. And I get the added benefit of chocolate. See, it's all good.

On Josh Bernstein:

  • Status: unavailable! *sob* My love has gone and got himself engaged. Imagine my complete and utter heartbreak to see this tweet from July 12th: "Great news! Happy to report that my girlfriend and I got engaged over the weekend! We're both ecstatic." Total sadness. I could say the only reason he and I aren't together is only because because he hasn't met me yet but actually, he has. Obviously I was the only one who felt the connection at day 3 1/2 years ago when he was in town for a booksigning. (To contribute to one of Josh's causes, actually you can click here).

On t.v./movies:

  • Status: enjoying. I've recently completed season 2 of House and part 1 of season 3 of Entourage (what is that all about anyway? Why does a season need more than one part when there are only so many episodes to begin with?) I always forget how much I really like a show until I start watching it again. This is especially true of Entourage. I think why do I bother, but then I push play and I'm all caught up in the drama, the raunchiness, the humor, the stupid situations these guys get themselves into. I'm not hot for any of the characters - even Adrian Grenier is just meh to me - but it's funny, and dirty, and silly, and about a world I know absolutely nothing about. Pure, mindless fun. I love it.

On bad days:

  • Status: I have them. The last two days I've had a few crazy things happen. There was the attempted break-in into my house yesterday (Tuesday) morning, where I was woken up by the police. As you can imagine, it freaked me out while being complete surreal at the same time. It's not how it is on t.v., but then it is. When it happens to you, your fist thought - at least in my case - is not that I'd take down anyone who tried to rob me, but that I want to get the hell away from here as soon as possible. I ended up going to work because I'm not good at moping around during times like that, and it helped. I thought I'd have trouble sleeping last night, but nope, not a bit. Then I get a call from the credit card company about fraudulent charges on my account. No biggie (I work for a credit union so I know the drill), but it was just funny, considering what happened earlier in the day. It kinda sucked to be me.

On contests:

  • Status: unresponsive. The last few contests I've had lately, I've had a heck of a time getting in touch with the winners. Twice now, despite my efforts to contact the person, I haven't had any success. I eventually picked a new winner for the copy of Twice Bitten (I'll try to get that book out this week!) and the winner of the movie prize never responded, so I'll be picking another winner for that one as well. It throws me off my game. And I (hopefully) have some fun contests coming up, so I hope people want the swag.

That's all I got for now. Hopefully things are going well in your world. Missing everyone who went to RWA, but I can't say I'm regretting not going to Florida in July. Still, it would have been awesome to be there. I've never been to Disney World, so that in itself would have been a blast.

How are things with you?



  1. Wow - I remember all those soaps. I watched all the time, although for the most part, I was an ABC girl.

    Sorry you're in a reviewing slump. Happens to me a lot, unfortunately :(

    Reading continues to be good for me, thank goodness! And with you 100% on the chocolate ice cream!

    Like I said yesterday on twitter- so glad that you're ok and safe after yesterday morning.

  2. Wow girl, you really are on a life roller coaster...up, down, and all around.

    Glad you weren't hurt during the break-in. Were the cops that came at least good looking?

    Lovin ice cream too lately, but my obsession is for citrus flavored--lemon and orange specifically.

    Reading a lot, but feeling not so good about the reviews I'm writing up. Feeling down about that but will work through it.

  3. I like your status update! Yeah, thanks to bad influences I got sucked into watching old clips of General Hospital on You Tube. Soaps used to be SO good. Now they're just meh. Or maybe I've gotten older. I still watch GH but I'm not as fanatic about it as I used to be back in da day. :)

    This is the last week of my self-imposed PNR/UF ban. I find myself missing it! I've enjoyed reading historical romances, contemporary and erotica but I can't wait to get back to some good PNR. And I'm all hyped about the Downside Ghosts series .I haven't read any of the books yet so I am waiting patiently for July to end so that I can start.

  4. That's scary, Stacy. I hope everything got sorted out, at least with regards to your credit card.

  5. I am SO JEALOUS you got to meet Josh Bernstein! As for the engagement, isn't the future wife a supermodel? Wonder how long that will last... :P

  6. Bummer about the contest winners. I'm so excited to win anything I'm responding straight away - but maybe they've been away or had a computer malfunction or something. Sometimes I follow a link to somewhere and end up entering a competition on a blog I don't usually visit and I have to be careful to remember to check back because come places don't email - you have to go back to the blog and be the one to make contact (which is fine, as long as you remember where you've been!).

    That pic of Eden and Cruz brought back memories. I used to watch Santa Barbara and Days of Our Lives and I followed Eden/Cruz and Mason/Julia (they were hilarious!) and Bo/Hope and Steve/Kayla (*fans self*). Either I've changed or they have but I can't get into them now!

  7. WRT the break-in and the credit card fraud - YIKES! *hugs*

    I hope the reviewing perks up soon. I always worry when I suddenly can't pick up a particular genre, but after a while I realize the break is just what I needed - I just didn't know it at the time :)

    Oh, Father Antonio & Gabi from Sunset Beach. What did happen with them? Father Antonio was sooo cute!

    I'm currently watching Season 1 of Supernatureal - my friends at work have convinced me to give it a go (again - I got part way through Season 2 and then got mad with the TV network and gave up). So, Criminal Minds Season 3 is on pause ATM :)

  8. Thanks guys. I'm glad you liked this. There's another we're editing right´╗┐ now. I'll let you know when it's up. I just watched this again, and realized how brilliant it was.


  9. I think it is easier to be surprised when I do write a review rather than think ofmyself in a reviewing slump. lol

    I have just decided to post whatever bookish stuff I think of rather than feel guilty about what I am not doing.

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