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Wednesday, October 14, 2009:
I'm still in my weird blogging funk, and don't really have much energy to commit to my beloved corner of the world here, but I will be back. I totally bailed on my planned birthday bash, but that's okay. God willing, there's always next year for that.

I've been reading a lot, which is quite a good thing. Finished the first 2 of Roxanne St. Claire's Bullet Catcher books, read Opal Carew's Secret Ties which really wasn't all that bad but not all that super hot either. BDSM lite, which I didn't mind, but it could have been so much steamier. It just didn't get my hormones raging, which is the sole reason I bought the book. Yes, I admit that I do read some books just for the dirty parts. Just wish this one would have delivered. And in other reading news, I'm now reading Kylie Brant's Waking Nightmare, and it's pretty good. Not quite as absorbing as Leslie Parrish's books, but I'm liking this one a lot. Hope to have more to report on Kylie in the next few weeks.

For my birthday, one of my friends took me out to lunch and to see "The Hangover", which I'd heard nothing but great things about. I was so looking forward to a raunchy, inappropriate movie, and this was definitely that. But that's all it was. Where the hell was the funny? I think either I had out-of-this-world high expectations or they tried way too hard here. Even the teenaged boys sitting in front of us thought it sucked.

Don't get me wrong, I'll drool over Bradley Cooper any day of the week (even though he was pretty much a jerk for most of the movie), and I'm not easily offended in the least, but damn, I was not much amused either. The whole Mr. Chow thing was just downright creepy, and the potential to be hugely and outrageously runny was bursting at the seams here, but it just wasn't working for me. Out of the 30 people in the theatre, I wasn't the only one who felt this way. Heard there's going to be a sequel. I can wait til DVD....

Still watching Gilmore Girls. Halfway through season 6. I've got about 80 DVDs in my Q to get through before I feel ready to replenish. So many tv shows, so little time........

How've you been?

What's going on in your world?



  1. OMGosh! I thought the Hangover was HILARIOUS. I saw it twice at the theater. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD!

  2. I want to see the hangover...maybe I will get drunk first then it will be funny..LOL.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday Stacy! And I've been bypassing birthdays of late. Sometimes it is just the wrong day to celebrate...

    WOW, you have been doing lots of reading! I've been re-reading one of my favourite fantasy novels - To Ride Hell's Chasm. I'm two-thirds of the way through now and I'm about to reach the (emotional) wringer section...

    I've also been working on a test project. I can't wait to hand it in tomorrow and have my evenings back!

  4. I love Hangover! Esp. when he says "you know a ra-tarrd" crack me up! I feel you on the "blogging" funk sometimes it's best to just decompress with a book. Blogging is hard work dammit, you need to treat yourself to a massage or something.

  5. I know how you feel - I was you blogging wise a few weeks ago. Although I love everything about blogging, I just couldn't get into it for a while - at all. Hopefully your mojo will come back soon!!
    As for me - 'encouraging' people to vote for Derek and taking a 3 day training course at work which is making me THINK hard (!!) and some rereads of the In Death books (oddly, they are my comfort books) is what's going on in my corner of the world.

  6. happy belated birthday! and amen to reading books for the lusty bits! that's how i got started reading romance (in 7th grade i looked at it as an extension of my sex ed classes) and while now i appreciate the genre for so many other parts, the lusty bits are still very attractive ;)

  7. Happy belated Birthday!!

    I haven't had much time for reading. Both of my girls have been needing a lot of help/guidance/attention whatever with homework this year. I feel like I'm repeating 5th and 9th grade all over again! Please. Was up till almost midnight doing Geometry proofs. Would much rather be reading romance, but what are you gonna do? *sigh*

  8. You aren't the first person who has said they didn't enjoy The Hangover. I'll probably see it at some point when it hits one of my movie channels. I'm excited about Where the Wild Things Are coming out tomorrow. I still love the book and can't wait to see what they do with the movie.

    My birthday is at the end of the month and I plan on ignoring it this year too. Maybe I'll be ready to celebrate big time next year.

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