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Thursday, July 02, 2009:
Book watch: "Captive of Sin" by Anna Campbell (11/09)

He pledged his honor to keep her safe...

Returning home to Cornwall after unspeakable tragedy, Sir Gideon Trevithick comes upon a defiant beauty in danger, and vows to protect her whatever the cost. He's dismayed to discover that she's none other than Lady Charis Weston, England's wealthiest heiress-and that the only way to save her from the violent stepbrothers determined to steal her fortune is to wed her himself! Now Gideon must hide the dark secrets of his life from the bride he desires more with every heartbeat.

She promised to show him how to love - and desire - again...

Charis has heard all about Gideon, the dangerously handsome hero with the mysterious past. She's grateful for his help, but utterly unwilling to endure a marriage of convenience-especially to a man whose touch leaves her breathless. Desperate to drive him mad with passion, she would do anything to make Gideon lose control-and fall captive to irresistible, undeniable sin.

I probably totally missed the boat and this has been around blogland for ages, but I just came across this at Anna's website.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Hi Stacy,
    missed the boat? You're one of the first to mention this on my blogroll but last week I already found the info on Anna's website. Of course I am over the moon and can't wait to get my greedy little hands on this. Next week I'm doing a post on lusting for particular books and she's definitely on the list!

  2. You and me both! I twittered about it yesterday. I will post about it during my future books to buy post.

  3. Leontine, I know! I was so happy to see this, because I definitely love Anna's books. Definitely inspires book lust.

    Kate, you didn't know? But you know everything! Now I don't feel quite as bad LOL. I love your book pimpin' posts cuz I find out a lot of stuff from you.

  4. ooh, no i had not seen it and yes i do want it. thanks for the heads up!

  5. Sometimes I am slow on the uptake. That is why you are around.

  6. I am definitely putting this one on my to-buy list. But what is up with his pants?

  7. I was left behind on that pier with you Stacy! First I have seen of it I believe.

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