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Friday, June 26, 2009:
Michael Jackson: a moment in time remembered
This was the Michael Jackson I remember, the one I adored as a pre-adolescent girl. In fact I think just about all the girls in my class loved Michael with that obsessive love only a young girl could. It was how we bonded. No matter who you were, if you were a fan of Michael Jackson, you were cool. I even entered a dancing contest when I was 12 for a part as Michael in a "Thriller" dance we were doing. I lost,but a lot of people thought I should have won LOL. That's how much of a fan I was.
Billie Jean is my favorite MJ song - what's yours?



  1. I was a teen when "Thriller" came out and I still remember that evening and all the build up to seeing the video. Great memory.
    My favorite by him besides 'Thriller' is "Man in the Mirror".

  2. I loved the entire "Thriller" album. I still remember watching MTV to see the premier of the Thriller video.

  3. Today as a tribute, I am listening to Michael on Pandora. There are so many songs I didn't know or had forgotten about. The man had a tremendous career.
    The "Thriller" video used to scare me. Come on, those cat eyes of his at the end. :shiver: Nightmare city.

    I've always liked "PYT". I can't figure out half the words he's singing but it's great to dance to.

  4. Billie Jean! That has to be the most infectious baseline in the history of music.

    Very sad...i hope he finds peace at last. goodness knows he never had it in life.

  5. Billie Jean is my favorite Michael Jackson song too!! I was so sad when I heard the news yesterday. Even So You Think you Can Dance paid a small tribute to him last night.

  6. "Rock With You" is my favorite. "PYT" was a great one, too.

  7. I'd have to say "Man In The Mirror" or "Black & White," but I loved the old stuff as a kid, like "I'll Be There."

  8. Thriller was one of the few 'current' albums that my father would let us listen too on our long drives to visit his parents over the Christmas break.

    And Billie Jean is my favourite song, although I also love Give In To Me :)

  9. Its hard to pick a favorite. I really loved Thriller. I still can remember where I was when he did the moonwalk on the motown anniv show.

    Sad day

  10. So many great songs, which are bringing back memories. I might not have followed much of him in the last decade, but he will always be a part of my childhood. Sad that his life was not the fairytale he tried so hard to create. I hope he's finally at peace. My heart goes out to his family, especially his children.

  11. Remember the Time. I loved that video.

  12. me too, Stace!! I just ordered the Essential collection from Amazon. Realized all my old vinyl versions can't play on the CD :) I have a few from itunes, but needed something more solid now he's gone.

    I always loved 'Ben', and 'I'll Be There' (I was a HUGE Motown fan). I loved 'Rock with You' and...well, the list goes on. Too sad that he's gone. yet another reminder of how precious life is and how we shouldn't take anything for granted.

  13. I can't choose just one song! My favorite albums are Thriller, Bad, and Off The Wall. I can listen to them over and over again!

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