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Friday, June 12, 2009:
What I'm watching: "House" Season 1

Part E.R. and part C.S.I., HOUSE is a medical mystery television show that's appealing due to its creative camerawork, interesting characters, and twisting plotlines. Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is a brilliant medical professional, but often alienates his patients and co-workers because of his abrasive manner and bitterness. In each episode House is faced with a person exhibiting a number of unusual symptoms, and along with his team of dedicated doctors and nurses, must discover what strange illness is afflicting the patient...before it's too late! The show moves at a rapid pace, spurred by its turning and suspenseful plotlines and the lively interaction between the characters, played by a strong supporting cast that includes Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, and Sela Ward. HOUSE: SEASON ONE collects all 22 episodes of the program's first year.
Here's another show that's been recommended to me, and I just started watching the first 4 episodes this week. It's an interesting show, though I have to roll my eyes at how so far it's been very predictable: grumpy doctor is pretty much rude to everyone, making cleverly biting comments and perceptive comments that tend to roll off most people's backs, and manages to come up with the cure right at the last crucial moment.

Dr. House pops pain pills like candy, ducks responsibility like the plague, and continuously insults everyone from department head Dr. Cuddy (played by the lovely and always interesting Lisa Edelstein) to his specialists and most often the ill patients. It's a good show, and interesting (are these illnesses truly real, that's what I want to know), but I haven't become of enamored of it yet. It hasn't grabbed my attention like "Grey's Anatomy", but of course I'm just in the first stages of "getting to know" it.

Do you watch "House"?

What's your favorite medical drama?



  1. oh yeah. I watch House, I have watched every single episode so far. and I love it. The last season was AWESOME. Hugh Laurie rules.

    : D

  2. Wow, now you definitely make me want to keep watching. I do like Hugh Laurie's character a lot, I must admit. To just be able to say whatever you want whenever you want, what power *g*

  3. I love House. But it's one of those shows that I can just have "on", you know? I watch it a lot when I'm traveling because they mostly stand alone, so it doesn't particularly matter what season you're on.

    But I adore Hugh Laurie and think he's sex on a stick. I love that he's such a douchebag, and yet every once in a while he gives us this glorious hint of humanity.

    Love it!

  4. I need to start watching it... more so because (courtesy of the parental unit) I have the first three seasons!

  5. Love, love, LOVE House!!

    In wrong account. This is Kelley. LOL.

  6. I watch house because I love me some Hugh Laurie. I missed most of last season, but have been catching up with re-runs in the last few weeks.

  7. I like House but have not watched it in "whole series" format. I just catch episodes here and there.

    My fav medical show was ER.

  8. I was a big "St. Elsewhere" fan back in the day, and I also loved "Chicago Hope." I watched the first few seasons of "ER," and then gave up on it.

  9. Hey Stacy!

    Great post!

    I've not watched "House", so can't comment. However I did love the first 2 seasons of Grey's and loved it.

    I've never watched ER! I know blasphmey - but having worked in one I had my fill. lololol

    I too liked "St. Elsewhere", when Mandi Patakin was on it (not sure if I spelled his name right). I love his droll humor.

    I hope you have a great weekend Stacy!


  10. House is WONDERFUL!! I started it in it's second season and immediately bought the first season. Now I'm a regular watcher and love it. So much fun to watch on DVD without the waiting around!

    I'm such a fan of Cuddy too...definetly hoping for a HUDDY romance!!

  11. I love House! Yummy Hugh Laurie:)

    I just read (on perez, my only news source:) that House is the most watched program in the world! That is crazy.

  12. I watch House too ;) I lost interest a bit in the third season, but Ana is right - the last season was fascinating!

    May favourite medical series would have to be MASH though :)

  13. I love House. LOVE. My favorite ep from this season is the one where he teaches a class on diagnostics and we learn how he injured his leg.

  14. I have not a chance to watch HOUSE yet, but my niece Trish watch the show and love it. She tell me that Dr. Gregory House IS her husband - yeah, she wish ;) *grin*

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the HOUSE episdoes :)

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