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Friday, June 05, 2009:
Book re-issue watch: "Sinful"


Harlequin reissue

ISBN-10: 0425226689

ISBN-13: 978-0425226681

Four sizzling hot authors show how a simple piece of lingerie can be the key to unlocking a woman’s deepest desires…

Four stories of silken fantasy including Lori Foster’s Tangled Images, in which a female photographer comes undone during a men’s underwear spread.
Maggie Shayne’s Leather and Lace finds a prim young beauty leading a double life as a lingerie model.
In Suzanne Forster’s Unbuttoning Emmalina, modesty is overrun by desire.
And in Kimberley Randell’s Sinderella, a tomboy discovers how a red teddy can turn her life around.

I've not heard of this one, for some reason, so now it's on my radar. Sounds pretty good.

Do you ever buy re-issues with the new packaging?

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  1. If I don't have the original, I may.

    What throws me (read: pisses me off no end) is when they change the title, add a few worthless pages, and pass it off as a new work (Elizabeth Lowell's earlier efforts, anyone?)

  2. OK, exactly who are they trying to market this book too? Seriously. Like some of the man-titty isn't bad enough, we now get women in their undies.


    I buy reissues ALL THE TIME for work. For my personal reading? Sometimes. Depends on if I already own the book, or if I need a better looking copy for the keeper stash.

  3. AL, I sometimes consider getting the reissue if I like the cover better, but I've maybe only done it once or twice. And totally agree on the passing a reissue off as new work. Or re-writing substantial portions of a book to update it when reissued. "Glitter Baby" comes to mind. I never read the original but was disappointed that SEP felt she had to re-vise it. I have a bit of a purist streak in me, I guess.

    Wendy, my inner feminist is totally napping on this one. I guess I'd prefer a cover like this to some of the hideous ones out there (i.e. a majority of ebook covers). I can live with this one, and that's probably wrong on some levels.

  4. What bugs me is when they reissue a book and change the you think you're buying a new book by the author only to realise that you already have it...or they take two books and publish them as one, with a new title. GRRRRRR!

    As for women on the cover wearing little...I have to confess to loving the cover of Maya Banks' Be With Me!

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