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Thursday, May 28, 2009:
Contest: "A Hint of Wicked" up for grabs
As I may have mentioned, oh, a few times, I'm having a contest to win a copy of Jennifer Haymore's debut novel, "A Hint of Wicked". It will be a random drawing, and anyone is eligible to enter, regardless of where they live. As long as you can receive mail, you're in.

The contest is running from now until noon CST on Sunday, May 31st. Rules: They're pretty easy and painless, but required *g* All you have to do is answer the question(s) at the bottom of this post and your name will be automatically entered into the drawing. This is very important if you wish to win. If you don't answer at least one question and only say "please enter me", your name will not be included in the drawing. That's my only requirement. I know, I'm so mean LOL.

The release date was actually May 26th, so I will be shipping a copy probably on Monday from Barnes & Noble provided the winner contacts me right away. Please don't include your email address in your response. I will post the name of the winner on Sunday and you can email me at that time. This just makes things go a little quicker and much smoother. Now please, go forth and enter :)

Love triangles: love them or hate them?

What is your favorite or the most memorable love triangle

from a book, movie, or t.v. show?

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  1. I enjoy reading about love triangles. Especially when it's a very fine balance, and there are two guys who are fiercely competing for one woman. Who will triumph? Also like the idea of the three of them working it out and staying together... :)

    Am totally blanking out now on actual trios though... A fave will come to me the instant I click to publish!

    Maybe Mina, Dracula and Jonathan Harker in 'Bram Stoker's Dracula'?

  2. I don't believe I've ever read a book with a love triangle, but by far my fav. movie with a love triangle is "FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL"

    So funny yet sweet!! :D

    rachie2004 AT yahoo . com

  3. Hi! If the love triangle is well written, then I like it. You most often see triangles as 2 men and 1 women. I'd like to see 2 women, 1 man, though somehow that seems more catty than sexy. Maybe a challenge for someone to write well?

    My favorite? Tough choice. I'll be a traditionalist and say Arthur/Lancelot/Gueniviere, though I've never seen her as a desirable heroine. I feel for poor Arthur, but I like the overall dynamic of the 3 of them.

    Like Portia said...I'd like to see a story where a triangle can figure out a way to work it out and stay together. That would be a win-win-win situation where nobody loses!

  4. I'm not a big fan of love triangles. There unnecessary and full of problems. Please enter me.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  5. Oh! Love me some triangles.

    Favorite in books is Colleen Gleason's Gardellas: Max/Victoria/Sebastian.

    Favorite in TV is Buffy/Spike/Angel.

    Favorite in movies is The Philadelphia Story.

  6. I like reading about love triangles too. I can't really think about my favorite one right now, but do enjoy reading them.

    Stacy, it was so great meeting you on Saturday. I promise I'll give you a call on my next trip to Chicago and look forward to seeing you in Nashville at next year's RWA.

    mslizalou @

  7. Generally, I'm fine with love triangles - but there has to be a legitimate reason behind the heroine's indecision. The situation in "A Hint of Wicked" sounds just about right for that - but in lesser love-triangle stories it can just make the heroine look so indecisive, stringing two guys along because she can't make a choice.

    My favourite? The Guinevere/Lancelot/Arthur triangle from Guy Gavriel Key's "Fionavar Tapestry". A really hard situation because she loved both of them equally, Lance actually went wild-man-insane from trying to suppress his feelings, and both Lancelot and Arthur really really love each other (although not in THAT way).

  8. I like them if they are done well and so few are to be honest. My favorites are Remember the Tume," by Annette Reynolds and Til the Stars Fall by Kathlen Giles Seidel.

  9. I love love triangles. I find that pick a hero and will continue to root for him come hell or high water.

    Currently I am reading "With a Twist" by Deidre Martin and she has a love triangle. Here's hoping that Quinn is the man of her dreams. Of course, it's a contemporary romance so all will end happily. I HOPE!!

  10. Hey Stacey!! Please do not enter me... I have recently won me a copy of this terrific book!!
    I just wanted to come by to show my support to ya!!

    Love triangles... never been in one.. Though, the idea of having two men "paw" after me... sweet!
    Good luck ladies!
    And Ms. Jennifer.... awesome book!!! Thanks a million!
    Hope all are having a great day!

  11. Hi Stacy!

    Thank you for another great contest, for such a lovely book.

    I enjoy reading about love triangles because I think it adds to the conflict in the romance plot. And, I love the suspense of not knowing which of the "heros" will win the "heroine", as it were.

    A specific love triangle? Yikes, I can't think of one off hand. A timeless one is certainly Lancelot, Guinevere and King Arthur. I love the movie "First Knight"... However, I've read many variations of the theme and story. :)

    Warm Regards

  12. I already have the book, so please don't enter me in the contest.

    I generally enjoy love triangles unless they're dragged over a million books.

    The most memorable love triangles to me are Angel/Buffy/Spike and Logan/Veronica/Duncan (from Veronica Mars).

    I know there are some I'm missing, but I can't think of them right now.

  13. I like books with love triangles. It keeps you wondering who will be the hero/heroine's choice. I have to say that the love triangle between King Arthur/Guinevere/Sir Lancelot is one of my favorite.

  14. I've been reading the Stephanie Plum series and have been enjoying the triangle between her Joe and Ranger!

  15. I have been lurking at various sites, usually at the time of day most folks are asleep but since I'm home and taking a break from writing to say I can't wait to get my hands on this book. To say I'm intrigued would be a gross understatement.

    I just keep hearing "Torn between two lovers in my head and I'm dying to read it to see how it all shakes out.

    Congrats in the debut!

  16. Well, one of my favorites comes from a movie, actually. An obscure little film called Almost Famous. It's a semi-autobiographical film about Cameron Crowe (from Rolling Stone) and a teenage groupie (an unknown Kate Hudson) and the guitarist in a band. Great, great movie.

    And in keeping with my rock and roll theme (you know I'm a rocker girl, LOL) I think the alltime best love triangle was played out in RL between Eric Clapton, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison. It's that triangle which gave us the song Layla (written about Pattie, of course). So even though Eric was in love w/George's wife, he wrote some great stuff about it. Then he married her. And wrote Wonderful Tonight. Win-win, LMAO.

  17. I've been gorging on tv shows this past week, so three love triangles that come to mind are from the movie Pearl Harbor, with Ben Affleck, Josh Harnett and Kate Beckinsdale (tear jerker), from Torchwood, Jack, Gwen and Ianto, and from Battlestar, Starbuck, Sam and Apollo.

  18. I find love triangles to be interesting especially when I can understand what's so appealing about the members of the group.

    And my favorite triangle is Sookie, Bill, and Eric.

  19. Hi Stacy!

    Please enter me :)

    Nah, I'm just teasin :P. Just being a smart a@@ :).

    I don't like love triangles. Makes things too complicated. I'm all for a one on one relationships. Too distracting otherwise. Does A Hint of Wicked have a love triangle in it?

  20. Just stopping by to say great examples, everyone! I don't have a favorite love triangle, but I've been trying to catch up with Stephanie Plum lately, so Morelli and Ranger are fresh in my mind. I don't know how I'd choose between those two. :) Maybe Morelli while keeping Ranger on the side for a little excitement (I think Stephanie's already doing that, though, haha!)...

  21. Mine is a bit different, I'm looking forward to the Murhder, Xhex, John Matthew triangle in Lover Mine by JR Ward. Trouble is, it's a year away!

  22. I usually don't enjoy love triangles. But sometimes authors can surprise me and make me like them. For instence, I love the love triangle between Jemma, Elijah and Villiers in Eloisa James desperate duchesses series. However it's still rare. My most hated love triangle is Janet evanovich's stephanie plum/morelli/ ? can't even rememer his name. When Stephanie sleeps with this second guy I stopped reading this series... real turn off (so 2 speak).
    thx for the contest !!

  23. I don't think I've read many real love triangles. It seems that in the romances I read the hero is pretty obvious. In Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas there is a bit of a love triangle between Liberty, Hardy and Gage.
    Please enter me!

  24. OOh count me in this one. I like love triangles, so long as the heroine ends up with the guy I happen to like *wink*

    Favorte? Hmmm...Ah, The Notebook. She's engaged to a great guy, yet, she's still hopelessly in love with another.

    Needless to say, she ended up with the guy I wanted her to :)

  25. So... love triangles. I like to read about them, even though I know I'll have some emotional moments ahead of me. Especially if the end result is unpredictable and I don't know which one the heroine is going to pick :)

  26. I'm not a big fan of love triangles, I want a HEA in my books and it seems hard to find them. I liked Megan Hart's Tempted with Anne, James and Alex, happy ending for them!

  27. I enjoy reading love triangles when both guys are competing for the gal (the things they would do).

    I haven't read that many books on love triangles but I do enjoy the one between Step/Morelli/Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series.

    On TV I enjoyed the love triangle between Karen/Jagger/Jason from General Hospital.

    Terri W.

  28. I do enjoy love triangles. One of my recent favorites is from Colleen Gleason's Gardella Vampire Chronicles between Victoria, Max and Sebastian.

  29. I don't love LT's, but I don't hate them either.

    The best I can think of was Buffy/Spike/Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was awesome.

  30. I like love triangles! I loved Max/Sebastian/Victoria from Colleen Gleason's series. Richard/Jean Claude/Anita worked well for the first few books (until it became a love octagon).

  31. I don't particularly care for love triangles.
    I think the problems a couple face are enough without a third person to interfere.

  32. Love triangles can be interesting but I don't go out of my way to find them. The two that I like the best are Angel, Buffy and Spike as tv goes. The second is a movie, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". I don't remember the actors names though. Have a great day.

  33. I think triangles can be interesting. I know a lot of times I end up rooting for one of the characters and it is interesting to see if that is the one the comes out the winner. Favorite movie triangle would be King Arthur with Clive Owen. That had a really good one. Of course you knew who was going to win in the end but still enjoyed it. :-)


  34. If they are done tastefully and you can see the connection and love between all three of the characters through out the story (ie, it's not just hot and heavy sex 24/7), I don't mind them.

    My favorite would have to be from Dawn Halliday'a HIGHLAND OBSESSION that I was lucky enough to be able to read this month. Loved it! Very touching, and yet still very erotic.

  35. Love triangles: love them or hate them?

    I have a love/hate relationship with love triangles. It makes good entertainment in a book, t.v. show or a movie but I usually end up liking all the parts of the triangle and it is so sad when one of the parts has to loose.

    What is your favorite or the most memorable love triangle from a book, movie, or t.v. show?

    That's a tough one.. I have to say the love triangle between Ross, Emily and Rachel from the t.v. series Friends

  36. Love triangles: love them or hate them?
    LOVE THEM...HELLO two men fighting over one woman! lol

    What is your favorite or the most memorable love triangle
    hmmm...I think in the Stephanie Plum series...Ranger or Morelli?!?! OH or Sookie Stackhouse...Eric or Bill?!?! TEAM ERIC! WOOT WOOT

  37. I liked the triangle in the movie While You Were Sleeping. Besides in English class they taught that every good story needs some conflict. Makes the HEA that much sweeter. I'm still in shock that e Janice writes hotter books under another name. Any hotter & I'll have to have my books with ice. Please enter me.

  38. I am actually drawing a blank... but I think that Portia hit the essentials:
    "Especially when it's a very fine balance, and there are two guys who are fiercely competing for one woman. Who will triumph? Also like the idea of the three of them working it out and staying together... :)"

  39. Love them! Three to Tango is one of my faves.

  40. I don't enjoy love triangles as I feel they are mostly badly handled, and writers seem to use them as an easy way to create conflict. My least favourite recently, and one where I nearly threw the book against the wall, was in Eclipse. Seriously? Seriously? Bella is in love with Jacob after moaning how much she loves Edward for two books?? Grr.

  41. I dont like Love Triangles because the dude I like uses ends up the loser.

    My fave all-time is Angel/Buffy/Spike

  42. I like them best if the one who doesn't win get someone for himself anyway 'cause I always feel sorry for the one left out unless he's actually a bad guy.

  43. Thank you Stacy! Very generous!

    I like love triangles if they are believable - if I can really understand why (and how desperately) the two male characters love the heroine. If it is just wallpaper, then no.

    Examples? There have been so many good examples, but I think Colleen Gleason did the Sebastian/Victoria/Max triangle very well. Oh, and Animejune - I just LOVED the Finovar Tapestry! I remember how hard it was for me to track down the books in that series...I didn't want Jennifer to have to make a choice!

    ...and anyone is eligible to enter, regardless of where they live.Are you sure? Cause I live a really, really long way away :)

  44. One of the first love triangles I read was Danielle Steel's Going Home. And a more recent one is Emma Holly's Menage. I enjoyed reading them but I find the endings bittersweet as the girl gets one guy and has to let the other go.

  45. Hi Stacy!
    Hey how about the trio thats still unresolved with Brenda Joyce's DEADLY series? Francessa, Cad and Rick Braggs! I so hope she gets to finish that series too!

    I do love reading these triangles! I don't see them enough and want to read more! Thrilled about Jennifers book! Love to be in this, thanks!

  46. I love them when they're done well. And, I'm with Portia, often I wish they would work it out so that they can all be happy.

    Favorites include Sookie/Bill/Eric and Stephanie/Ranger/Joe.

    The books sounds like a fun read!

  47. I'm not really a fan of love triangles. I suppose I've read some that work, but for me it all depends on the story and the author.

    Because I don't care much for them, I can't really recall a favorite one!

  48. I haven't actually read that many love triangle books but I think I'm leaning on the "love 'em" side of the fence. I can only really remember one - it was a Mary Balogh book not dissimilar to the premise of this one - I think it was called Tangled but she has written so many and I have so many that I may have got that wrong.

    I am really interested in reading this book - the premise is very intriguing and I was wondering if it's going to be one where one of the men turns out to be an asshat (like in the Balogh book) or whether they are both really lovely and absolutely adore her but she has to choose...

    I've just had a quick look at your review (I had one eye closed cause I was trying not to see any spoilers) and I can see that it is more of Option B than Option A.

    Wow! What an interesting idea for a story. Must read this book. Please enter me!

  49. HI! I enjoy love triangles, but they have to be well written and the motivation of the characters has to be clear. It's very interesting to read and try to guess who the main character will choose.
    Favourite in books: Edward/Bella/Jacob from Twilight;
    Favourite from TV would be: The Philadelphia Story

  50. Angel/Buffy/Spike. One of the best love triangles on television.

  51. Love Triangles...wouldn't want to be in one myself, but I love reading them. I have to agree with Cindy W, I am really looking forward to JM/Xhex/Murhder, but for ones I have read or seen... Edward/Bella/Jacob in Twilight, Does Sweet Home Alabama qualify? I loved that movie. and the all time famous Guinevere/Lancelot/Arthur.

  52. I don't like love triangles, maybe because I'm not a big fan of series books! But Brenda Joyce did a good job with it in her Francesca Cahill novels. Two brothers, one bad, one good, both delicious.

  53. Hey Stacey!!
    I'm in to love triangles as long as it ends the way that I want it :-D.
    My favorite love triangle was Dawson/Joey/Pacey from Dawson's Creek, It lasted for seasons but ended the way I wanted it, with Joey & Pacey!!!YAY!

  54. Usually i don't like love triangle but lately i fell in love with one : Cappie/Casey/Evan. I like the three characters and i like their interactions when they are in couple or not. There are a real chemistry and complicity between these three. It is from a tv serie named Greek and the flash-back episode Freshman Daze shows very well the triangle's dynamic.

  55. I never read one with triangles of love like that, it sounds great,

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