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Monday, May 25, 2009:
Memorial Day weekend - 2009

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Memorial Day weekend. This is one of those times I always think of the troops, especially those overseas. I just learned last week that the son of some distant friends died on a special mission in December. He was probably close to 30; I've known him since he was around 21 or 22. His sister wants to follow in his footsteps because she really looked up to her older brother. He was such a good kid. My heart breaks for his family. I know they were so proud of him. He died a true hero.

I had a 4-day weekend, and the weather has been gorgeous, for the most part. Today it's a little overcast, but that's okay. I'm relaxing today, doing a little reading and reviewing. I re-read Jennifer Haymore's "A Hint of Wicked" and that will go up tomorrow. And I have an interview with Jennifer I hope to post sometime this week. And of course, there will be a giveaway....

One cool thing I did this weekend was I met a blogging friend, Liza, and her niece Amanda on Saturday. I took the train into the city, which of course means that things didn't go smoothly. The train service stopped about 1/2 way to where I needed to go and they diverted us to downtown by bus. The cool thing was, I didn't have to pay, but it took forever! And I walked more this weekend than I have for a long time. We had a great time hanging out at Borders on Michigan Ave. I now want to go check out the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry - they made it sound so cool. Luckily it's here for awhile longer. Liza, it was awesome meeting you and your niece. It was fun. Anytime you're back in town, let me know :)

In other news, I'm also finishing up season 2 of "Grey's Anatomy". Okay, does anyone actually like Meredith? Because I really want to smack her. There are a few moments that I can actually say I do like her, but the way she treated George, ugh, I really was pretty disgusted with her then. If I were McDreamy, I'd choose Addison in a heartbeat. I really like her, and I think she's the better choice. And then there's McSteamy, who finally makes an appearance. Is it just me, or does he remind anyone else of Leo DiCaprio? That's who I think of when I look at him, so I'm not 100% sold on McSteamy yet, though I'm always willing to be convinced. But the best part of this season is still Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). I actually had a PG-rated dream about him last night - he was going to come to Lori Foster's event with me LOL. How wouldn't that have been fantastic?! I'd have to fight Kati off with a stick *g*

And how was your Memorial weekend?

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  1. Wow, sounds like you had an adventure in the bog city ;)

    Um, I have a secret to tell you. No one watches the show for Meredith. Shocking, I know!!! This year it has been all about seeing Kevin McKidd on screen. I liked George. He and Bailey interacting are the best scenes in the series.

    Oh, have you seen Star Trek yet?

  2. I friend of mine's nephew is serving in Iraq now. I know she is so worried for him, so I worry for her. I've known this kid for 12 years. They are a rather large family and are all very close. I am happy that he is preparing to come home on leave soon for 15 days.

    My husband is also a veteran from the first Gulf war. Of course, I didn't know him then, but he is very proud of his time in the military.

    How wonderful to have met a blogging friend!

  3. Shannon, I did :) I was tempted to call you but well, I didn't. I'm sure you were busy anyway. But maybe soon we can catch up.

    What?! But I thought "Grey's Anatomy" was ALL about Meredith. Boy was I wrong. Well it's a good thing I don't like her then *g* And I do adore George & Bailey and George's deep affection for her. I can't wait for some Kevi McKidd action.

    Nope, I haven't seen ST yet. I was planning on it, but saw A & D instead. Did you?

    Amy, my prayers are with your friend's nephew. And bless your DH. Tell him he's my hero, and that he made it back home to meet you :)

  4. Okay Shannon, just in case I wasn't too clear with my response, I DID venture into the big city, but I DIDN'T see Star Trek.

  5. LOL! I'd have mowed your ass down to get to JDM, Stace.

    Oh, I was SO furious w/Meredith for the way she treated George. I mean, FURIOUS! You don't pick on the weaker kid, you know?

    But as the season goes on, I began to understand more that George KNEW she didn't feel that way about him, and he pushed in a way he shouldn't have. Not justifying it, just saying, there are two sides. But oh yeah, I get frustrated w/Meredith on a regular basis. I think it's why the show is so terrific. Meredith is an ambiguous character. Face it, in the very first moments of the first episode, she's waking up having had a one night stand with a guy she thinks she'll never see again.

    But Season 2 of Grey's is my favorite. Love the storylines. I'm glad you're watching it!

  6. You know, I think I'm the only person who doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy! Believe me, I'd like to have shows that I enjoy watching but it will never happen. My husband and kids have control over the TV's in the house. Plus, I'm still living in the dark ages with regard to TiVo, lol.

    It sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend. I know that feeling. Anytime I travel into the city something is bound to go awry, lol. Even if it's only small.

    Atleast your visit ended enjoyably.

    PS...I KNEW that Jennifer Haymore book sounded familiar!! She's also Dawn Halliday. It hit me later. And Dawn's book (Highland Obsession) just so happened to be one I've been looking forward to.

    Anyhow, I'm looking forward to your review!!!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday, Stacy!

  7. Good point Kati. Meredith is of those characters you can like and then dislike within a minute!

    I have to be honest, I like Addison too :)

    And it sounds like even though your journey to meet your online friend was a long one Stacy, it was worth it :)

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