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Thursday, May 21, 2009:
The goings-on & a "thank you"
First of all, I'd like to give a huge thank you to the kind and lovely Barbara over at Happily Forever After for mentioning my Toni Blake contest. I really appreciate the media attention *g* For those of you who've never been to Barbara's blog, I strongly urge you to do so. She's created a fun and interesting place to hang out, and I have to give her credit for pointing me in the direction of some really great books. So stop on by and say "hey". She totally rocks.

I just finished reading Jennifer Haymore's "A Hint of Wicked", which will be released on June 1st. Right now I'm struggling with my review, trying to encompass all I want to say without giving too much away, but I don't want to be so skimphy that I'm not giving enough information either. Every once in awhile a book will do that to me, where I just can't find the words. For a wonderfully insightful review, definitely check out Ana's review at Booksmugglers. I'm so jealous of her LOL. Basically I agree with everything she said, but I'm reviewing it so I need to just sit down and focus. I'm thinking a re-read is in order. Because I can't go on to reading the next book until I finish this review. I don't want any distractions with this one.

Does anyone else review like that? Read the book then do the review without starting to read a new story? Or can you go from book to book and not have it be a problem to write reviews for several books at one time? Usually I try to write the review right away, while it's fresh in my mind, no matter how much I want or even need to read. I don't have the best memory, so it's better if I do it that way. The problem is, like now, when I can't find the words. And please don't take this as an indication it's a bad book, because it's not. It's just a little out of the norm. So yeah, I got homework.

And don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter my Toni Blake contest. Remember, I want to hear about your favorite bad boy. So if you don't answer the question, you won't be in the drawing. And anyone can enter, no matter where you live. It just might take a little longer for me to send out the book, but you WILL get it.

I also have another interview in the works, so once I get my questions answered, I'll post more on that. And yes, there will be another book giveaway. I haven't done interviews in awhile, and forgot how much I love doing them. So I'm going to start up again and see what happens. Any author requests? I'll see what I can do *g*

And now for my burning question of the day:
What are you currently reading?

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  1. Jennifer Haymore...why haven't I read her books? Hmmm...I need to get on that. And yes, OMGosh, that happens to me all the time. I don't like to give too much away either because if I liked the book I do want others to atleast give it a try, but sometimes it's so hard to find the right words without giving away too much.

    Oh and you're welcome, Stacy. Although, you didn't have to thank me. You're hosting a awesome contest! Toni's books rock! Now if you could just get Lisa Kleypas to stop by, I'll be dancing on clouds *wink* Thank you so much for the mention :)

  2. I can't wait to read your review of "A Hint of Wicked"....this book looks really good:)

    I just finished Blue Diablo -Ann Aguirre (really liked it!) and just started My Wicked Enemy - Carolyn Jewel. Not far enough in yet to have an opinion:)

  3. I just finished a Hint of Wicked and now I am reading Toni's book.
    I can hop from one book to the other and still write a review for the last book I have read.

  4. I just started reading To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt. This book has been on my TBR pile for awhile and since I had just finished True Love and Other Natural Diasters. I loved it although the stripper stick got old. LOL

  5. i'm reading Something Reckless by Jesse Michaels.

  6. I am like you, Stacy, I need to write the review before I read the next book.

    It's not that I don't remember--there are books I remember entire blocks of dialogue for months after one reading, weird memory thing--it's that my brain won't let go of the thing until I'm done.

    Normally it's not a problem, but every now and again I'll hit one of those "gave me so much to think about" books. So much I would love to talk about, but can't because it enters spoiler territory. Yup, I know what you mean.

  7. Barbara, I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Sometimes it makes me crazy, but I love reviewing, so I guess I have to deal with the bad as well as the good. And if I could get Lisa Kleypas to show up at my blog, I'd be dancing on clouds too!

    Mandi, I have Ann's book to read. I've heard it's good. Did you review it?

    Well Kate, you are just a reading & reviewing wonder LOL.

    Patty L, I like Elizabeth Hoyt a lot. My favorite is the 1st book in the 4 Soldiers series. The other one, it's Rachel Gibson, right? I haven't read past the first book in the author series. Need to get to those.

    JCP, I really like Jess Michaels. I have Taboo to read.

  8. AL, exactly. I need to finish this review before I can just enjoy reading the next book. What are you reading these days?

  9. I'm reading that Haymore right now! Very interesting!

  10. Ooopppsss forgot to answer the question. I'm just about done with Dakota Cassidy's Kiss & Hell and I'm already having the issue of *how* to review it.

    After that I have no clue what I'll grab from the TBR *cough*shelves*cough*

  11. I'm rereading Samantha James' "The Perfect Hero."

  12. Barbara I think this is Haymore's first book - that's probably why you haven't read her.

    I tend to write my review directly after reading a book but sometimes I need to stew on it a bit and go on to read other books before writing.

    I'm sure your review will be wonderful as usual. :)

  13. Oh and I'm currently reading Hero by Perry Moore.

  14. I'm reading the Quantum Rose by Catherine Asaro and Cherish by Catherine Anderson.

    A Hint of Wicked is definitely on my TBB-pile :)

  15. I am reading Flowers on Main by Sherryl Woods.

  16. I'm reading Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day and I'm about to start Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer.

    I wish I was more disciplined but I tend to read about 3 or 4 books back to back and then I write reviews. I take copious notes and like to re-visit a book with a fresh mind before I write the review. Of course there are those books that just call for me to write about them immediately.

  17. Oh, Lisa Kleypas is my FAVORITE! I have ALL of her books. I had to buy her first three (1987-1989) on ebay. Unfortunately they aren't in the best condition and I ended up spending way too much on them. Sigh...

    Oh please, who am I kidding? They were so worth it, lol. ;)

    And Tracy, I checked Haymore's site and yup, you're right, this is her first book. I have to get it.

  18. Am sure your review will be as insightful as always Stacy...and I'm looking forward to reading it :)

    I'm STILL reading Lover Avenged...only 127 pages to go (yes, I'm keeping count).

  19. Mornin' Stace! I don't know how I missed this.

    I'm reading Her Ladyship's Companion by Evangeline Collins. I'm only about 5 chapters in, but so far, it's pretty good. I'm reading it at Julie's behest and will review it for RNTV.

    I can read a book and not do the review right away, but I prefer to literally finish the book and write the review immediately. Almost all of my reviews are written within moment of my finishing the book because I think the reaction is purer then.

    I'm really looking forward to the Haymore book. And I'm SO looking forward to your reaction, since we share such similar reading tastes.

  20. CJ, I can't wait to hear what you think of it :)

    AL, how is Dakota Cassidy? I've heard she writes good humor. True?

    Jane, I've never read Samantha James. What would you recommend?

    Thanx Tracy. I'm still working on it. Suffering for my art LOL.

    Maija, I haven't read Catherine Asaro. So many authors out there yet to be discovered...

    And Estella, I haven't read Sherryl Woods either. How are you liking it?

    Marisa, I am a totally spontaneous reviewer. I don't take notes or use post-its to mark pages. I go off memory and my feelings on the story. That's it. Maybe I should try something different...

    Barbara, I have a few of her older books to get, but I did get one recently that I haven't read yet, one of her oldest. I think they're totally worth the price :)

    Orannia, I totally know what you're going through. It dragged for me. Can't wait for the final verdict.

    Kati, Barbara had me curious about Evangeline Collins. Will have to add to my tbb pile. And I agree with you about writing reviews right away. I'm re-reading AHOW to try and re-capture my intial thoughts.

  21. Hi there! I didn't get to visit around much yesterday so catching up today. I read a wonderful booklet of Jennifer Haymore's book and the tease was so bad I so wanted it NOW but wasn't out yet! I read her books in her other name and she's great so I'm looking forward to this one!

    I had to put down Balogh to read something else and now I'm back to Balogh's book (FIRST COMES MARRIAGE) so that I shall be reading. I plan to just relax and read this weekend! You have a nice holiday weekend too!

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