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Sunday, May 31, 2009:
Brockmann: go look! excerpt from "Hot Pursuit" - squee!
Check out the excerpt SuzanneBrockmann posted at her blog for "Hot Pursuit!


Less than 2 months away!

Woo hoo!

So what do you think: will you buy it?

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  1. Stacy - Will I be buying this book? You said it so succinctly - Hell Yes.

  2. Hell Yes for me too!! I love her books!!! :)

  3. Right now my answer is: not in hardback.

    We'll see whether I change my mind later.

  4. I WANT IT NOW!!! I made the mistake or reading the excerpt and now I really don't want to wait :o)

  5. We shall squeeeee together! In harmony, even. LOL

    Of course I will be buying - as soon as possible! Patience, I lacks it.

  6. Yes I will be grabbing this up ASAP when it's released. Tried to preorder from the bookclub but they are not listing it there yet.

  7. *places hand on heart*

    I MUST read the next Troubleshooters book (the third one - yes, I'm that far behind!).

  8. I can't wait!!!!

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