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Wednesday, June 10, 2009:
2009 Lori Foster/Dianne Castell get-together: the end
Well here it is, the last of my fun and memorable weekend. Because I actually did take pictures this year, I want to be sure to include them all.

It's still Saturday....


I pretty much stalked Anne as she was buying books,waiting for the opportunity to meet her and her her sign my books. She writes for Sanhaim, and if case I haven't already said a gazillion times, they are my favorite ebook publisher.


This was a fun moment. Stella was very gracious to stop and chat - she has such a lovely British accent. I haven't read many books by her, which is a shame. It's kinda like not watching one of the top 100 films of all time: some things are a must. I hope she comes back next year.


I admit that I haven't read any of Sue-Ellen's stories, but she is in the "Tails of Love" anthology so I look forward to checking it out. What I liked about Sue-Ellen is how enthusiastic and friendly she is. She really seemed to love meeting people, signing books, and expressing her excitement to be there. It was contagious. I'm so glad I met her and now cannot wait to read one of her stories.


As you can see, Shiloh is a complete photo opportunity hog, constantly begging to have her picture taken. It's shameless, really. And a little embarrassing when she's running after me to "just take one more". And this is definitely her best side, don't you think? Really gives us a strong idea of Shiloh's unique personality *g*

I'm a huge fan of her Hunter series, and well she knows it. I've also been lucky enough to review several of her books, though this is one I hadn't read yet. There's a few actually, which makes me feel like a kid in a candystore. You can never have too much candy.


I remember Roberta from the first event, and she was so passionate when speaking about books. I love that she's also an author, and I did read "Squeeze Play", which is a fun, snappy romance about a baseball player and the woman he loved. It was so much fun to meet her.

In the background to the left is Carolyn, the wonderful lady who made all the pretty beaded bookmarks, one of which is in a copy of "Tails of Love". She's amazing.


Look at these big smiles :) Patricia showed up a bit late due to a work situation, but thankfully she made it. She's just adorable, and her personality just lights up the room. She's also a Deadline Hellion, which is a group of bloggers I visit almost daily. It's always nice to see her.


I don't know, Sarah looks a little afraid of me in this picture, like I need to back away slowly. And I did try so hard to behave.

I got "Sam's Creed", though I'm not a huge fan of western romance, but I like what she does with them. Sarah is usually on the welcoming committee for the event, and she always gives away amazing prizes. This year it was the Kindle 2. Didn't win that one either. But it was great to see Sarah, so I'm not going to complain. Too much.


After buying books, getting them signed, and not winning any baskets, I was ready to eat, and it was getting close to dinner. My table decided that instead of staying at the hotel we'd get outside and go find somewhere to chat. I was feeling a little drained from the crowd so that totally worked for me. So a group of us headed over to Max & Erma's. Totally missed the luau, so I didn't get to wear the pretty lei AmyC had gotten for me. But I'm keeping it as a reminder of how much fun I had this year.

2 biggest regrets (off the top of my head): not getting a chance to meet Emma Wildes and have her sign my book because she left early :( and not being quick enough to get a copy of Sarah Parr's debut novel before they sold out, but I did meet her and she was just lovely. I had to tell her that Katiebabs has been pimpin' her book and that I couldn't wait to read it, so I did get an autographed nameplate for the book.


Before heading home, I met up with the group for Janice Maynard's breakfast, and this was our last chance to talk and laugh and hug. It's always sad to see the event come to an end. I get really moody and emotional and tired. Poor Michelle had to put up with me for the ride home. Yeah, it's hard to say good-bye *g*

And there's always next year, and I fully intend to be there. Only 360-something days to go.....

Did you attend this year?

Do you plan to go next year? Please do!

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  1. yep-photo hog. that's me!

  2. Thanks for posting about the event, Stacy. Once again, I couldn't go this year. The two I went to were so much fun! Next year, next year, next year!!!!

    I don't have any graduations next year and Jeff's birthday is mid-week, so I should be good to go.

  3. It's nice to be able to put faces with names of authors I read.
    The pics are great.

  4. Loved your recaps Stacy. You got some great pictures. thanks for sharing them. Can't wait for next year.

  5. Great pictures! I so want to go next year. Maybe I will since I don't think I will be at RT or RWA for 2010.

  6. I literally burst laughing at Shiloh's photo hog attitude. Really, that's an intervention waiting to happen, wouldn't you say?

    And may I say that Ann Christopher is just gorgeous?

    Thank you so very much for sharing, Stacey... perhaps one day I'll join the fun.

  7. All your pictures make me wish I was there. Of coures, next year I will be there will bells on.

  8. I'm going to have to put this event on my calendar for next year. Looks like y'all had so much fun Stacy. Thanks for sharing all your pictures.

  9. Wow! And a good time was had by all. It sounds like to much fun! I just read all the posts on the gathering I'm horribly jealous of you right now. :)

    I'm glad you had a good time!

  10. That Shiloh you can't stop her can you... LOL I love talking to her.

    Don't you just love Patricia, she gives the bestest hugs. So happy to see her friends. I need to take hugging lessons from her.

    I will be there, its great for me that its in town.


  11. I'm sorry you didn't win any baskets this year. Next year you're gonna run away with them, I can feel it!

    See you then, if not sooner.

    (Captcha is "restrinx." Pretty sure I have none of that.)

  12. You're a winner!!! Yay! Head on over to me blog, please. :)

  13. Nice pic of you and my agent, who is a wonderful lady. :)

    Heard LOTS of juicy things from this conference. And I do mean lots.

    I'll have to consider attending next year.

  14. Looks like you had a blast, i am very jealous. great pics, I am also jealous of all the freebies :D
    Hopefully I can go next year.

  15. Thank you so much Stacy! I just love the photos :)

  16. I hope I made LadyB proud running those baskets to the winner. And I got wear my tiara in a pic and Kaleen didn't!
    Dedication? You got it!


  17. FYI... My dad is dating Sarah... she is a very nice, but odd lady lol. she just moved to Ohio! =)

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