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Sunday, June 21, 2009:
Someone's gettin' "Tails of Love"
Sorry I'm so late. I flew home from Oakland this weekend and instead of getting home Friday nite, I ended up at the Denver airport all night and leaving on a 6am flight, getting into Chicago around 9am. Since I didn't sleep at the airport, my body clock was all messed up and I made up for my lack of sleep in spades. It was weather-related, so whatcha gonna do, right? My main concern was my bag, which ended up getting to Chicago before I did - whew. Now all is right with the world again.

But anyway, you want to find out who the winner is, right?


In order to give everyone a fair shot, I click the "randomize" button 3 times with my eyes closed, and the winner is....


Monroe, please email me your snail mail addy at trelainastarblazer @ yahoo dot com and I will make every attempt to mail this book out this week.


1. Leontine

2. Patty L.

3. Crystal GB

4. Maureen

5. Maija P.

6. housemouse88

7. tetewa

8. Kara

9. I Heart Book Gossip

10. Cheryl

11. Sandy

12. Liza

13. Karin

14. Estella

15. Kris

16. Monroe Dawson

17. KarenW

18. anonymous

19. Eva S.

20. jcp

21. Nath

22. Emmanuelle

23. Tracy

24. Minna

25. Caffey

Thanx for playing!

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  1. Congrats Monroe! You enjoy. :)

    Welcome back Stacy!! Happy you made it home safe with your bag. ;)


  2. YAY! Thanks Stacy youre the best!

  3. Sorry you had a rotten time of flying home, but glad your back!

    congrats Monroe!

  4. Congrats !!!!!

  5. Congrats Monroe!

  6. Congratulations, Monroe!

    Thank you bunches, Stacy!

  7. Wtg, Monroe!

  8. I'm glad both you and your bag arrived home safe and sound Stacy!

    And congrats Monroe (and thank you Stacy :)

  9. Congratulations, Monroe!

  10. Thanks everybody! And thanks to Stacy! :O)

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