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Tuesday, June 30, 2009:
Spotlight: A - Ann Aguirre
Today I'm starting a new weekly feature here at the blog. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I decided that I'm going to use the alphabet to spotlight something or someone at least once a week, and I've decided to kick it off with Ann Aguirre. I coud have expanded and gone with "authors", but figured that was too general, so I'm going with a specific author. Next week I might do B is for Brockmann, you never know. Or I might branch out and do something like A is for airplanes or B is for books, but I haven't figured it all out quite yet. I'll just go with the flow, and have fun talking about who and what I find interesting.


Photo credit by Andrea V.G. Aguirre

I can't remember just how I found about about Ann, but it was probably from Katiebabs - I find out a lot of things from her, some I'm probably better off not knowing *g* But that is certainly not the case here. I would lurk at Ann's blog and read the review for her books, and though I was intrigued, I admit to being rather intimidated by the type of stories she wrote. Would I like them if they didn't have strong, romantic overtones but still managed to be about an incredibly strong and courageous heroine? I didn't know then what I know now.

Then I was lucky enough to win a book that Ann raved about called "Duke of Shadows", by Meredith Duran. I absolutely loved it. And had just one more reason to think Ann was totally cool. The next step? Actually read one of Ann's books. I finally overcame my doubts and gave it a whirl. And I was mad at myself for putting it off for so long, because "Grim Space" was even more amazing that I anticipated. Even though GS is not a romance, per say, there are very strong romantic elements that hint at more to come in upcoming books, and right then and there, I was sold. I had no problem with an ongoing relationship because based on the premise of the series and all the danger and mistrust and bad stuff, it makes complete sense not to drive the story forward by engaging in scene after scene of googly-eyed infatuation and sexin' when there's some serious crap going down. Our girl Jax was no simpering fool, and I could totally appreciate that.

Next up on the coolness factor is when Ann came all the way from Mexico and arrived in the Chicagoland area on one of the freakiest weather days I've ever experienced. We'd been hit by a ton of snow in December, yet the day she arrived we were hit by some unseaonably warm weather, and all that snow melted. No biggie. The weird thing was it created this incredible thick and white fog for miles around, making visibility near impossible. Yet I wasn't going to let that screw up my chances of meeting her. And she was even more interesting in person. I got another great rec from her with Julia Spencer-Fleming, and although I haven't finished the first book, the series promises to be rather thought-provoking and memorable. My regret is not getting a picture of her, but if eating pizza and talking to a very cool author is the alternative, well then I'm not complaining...much. It was definitely a highlight of 2008.

If she hadn't already won me over, she also is writing a new series, starting with "Blue Diablo", and she's got something cooking under the pen name Ava Gray. The mind boggles how she's able to keep it all straight.

So these are just a few reasons why Ann ranks up there as definitely one to watch. If she's not on your radar, you might want to adjust that dial. Now's as good a time as any :)

Are you an Ann Aguirre fan?

What is your favorite AA book?

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  1. I just read Blue Diablo and LOVED it. I went out and bought Grimspace and Wanderlust and they are at the very top of my tbr. Blue Diable was such a unique story..I hope to meet her at the RWA signing:)

  2. Wow, this is SO cool! Thank you, Stacy. I had a wonderful time with you & that pizza was soooo good.

  3. Like Mandi I read Blue Diablo and loved it! So I also ran out and bought Grimspace and Wanderlust, need to read them. They will be my introduction into the Space Opera genre. Ann Aguirre was a new author to me this year and one of my favorites.

  4. Very nice post. I think I found a new author to check out. Great suggestion.


  5. Oh, I also wanted to say great idea on the weekly author spotlight. Very good idea!

  6. I heart Ann!!!! She's not only a fantastic person, but she's an amazing writer. She writes with such, well, BALLS. I want to be her when I grow up.

  7. Bwahahaha, I would say the same thing about you, Larissa.

    But thank you. *beams*

  8. Hi Stacy!

    What an awesome idea for a weekly post and so well written.

    I first learned of Ann Aguirre's work I guess a couple of years ago but for whatever reason didn't really turn on to it until I won "Blue Diablo" in an ARC contest and reviewed it. Now I'm a convert. lol

    I actually have "Grimspace" in the stacks now and am so looking forward to the next chapter of Corinne Solomon's story.

    Wonderful writer.

    Thank you

  9. Great idea Stacy!

    The first time I heard of Ann Aguirre was from Linnea Sinclair. I never thought in a million years I would read a sci-fi book that had a touch of romance. Linnea urged me to read Grimspace. And I did.

    The rest is history :D

  10. Ohh, this sounds like a great idea for a post :)

    I'm ashamed to say I've only read one Ann Aguirre book - Blue Diablo, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Grimspace, which I 'suggested' to my library I still haven't read *hangs head* However, both my best friend and one of the local librarians, who I pimped Ann Aguirre too, have read and loved Grimspace. I will read it ('cause it sounds amazing :) How is that for positive thinking :)

  11. I am a HUGE Ann Aguirre fan. I fell in love with her writing when I read Grimspace and it grew more with Wanderlust and then I read Blue Diablo. I think that her writing is absolutely amazing and I feel very fortunate to have been lucky enough to read her amazing writing!!

    I love your new feature and what a great way to start!

  12. Mandi, that's one thing I like about stories - they are unique. Glad to hear you enjoyed BD.

    Ann, it's all about you *g* Hope everthing's okay.

    Donna, that's the joy of trying something new - you might find a new favorite. And I'm thinking the spotlight thing is going to be a lot of fun.

    Hey Wendi, I can't wait to hear what you think :)

    Larissa, you're not too shabby yourself :) I'm a fan of your demonica books. And yes, Ann does rock.

    Lea, sometimes it takes me awhile to catch on to a great author, but better late than never. Glad you feel the same. And I'm rather excited about the spotlight thing. It's going to be a tough choice some weeks to narrow it down, but I could do another round.

    Kate, isn't it cool sometimes when we learn we are wrong? :P In this case, I'm grateful.

    Orannia, you never let me down *g* But hey, the fact you read BD is very cool, and now I'm jealous you have other books to enjoy.

    Lori T! How awesome. I love gushing over favorite authors with friends. And I agree, Ann was a great choice to kick off the spotlight edition :)

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