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Sunday, December 28, 2008:
Fog, pizza, and Ann Aguirre, who totally rocks btw
Earlier this week, when I was hard at work (Twittering), I discovered Ann Aguirre was going to be in town for one night not too far from where I live. Well of course I had to go! I checked with a few local friends but they couldn't make it, but I knew I was going to go, one way or another.
the Trump Tower in Chicago (no I didn't take this picture)
Well, it was touch and go. See, it's been cold here, with lots of snow, but the temps warmed up considerably on Friday, and that produced heavy, heavy fog, so heavy that as I was driving past O'Hare, I couldn't see a thing in front of my car. But by this point I was halfway there and as tempted as I was, I decided to keep on going. And as I got closer to the Giordano's restaurant, it was actually pretty clear. And I was ready for some pizza!
I walked in and the first person I see is Ann. I laughed with relief. She made it! She gave me a hug and right away I felt comfortable with her. Figuring we were the only two showing up, we got a table and sat down. We talked a lot about books, and I'm going to give a mystery author she recommended a try - Julia Spencer-Fleming. Her books also deal a bit with faith, and based on Ann's description, I was definitely interested in finding out more. We talked about writing, which hopefully didn't bore her but to me it's a fascinating process, one I never get tired of hearing about from writers. We ate really good pizza. Kudos to Ann for picking the restaurant, and for being so generous. She's a total sweetheart.
So thank you, Ann, for a fun evening of food and books. I had a great time. It was so lovely meeting you, and I'm sorry my friend Shannon couldn't make it, but thanx for signing the book for her. And I'm really, really looking forward to "Skin Game", written as Ava Gray. It sounds so freakin' good! I hope you had a good time during your short stay in Chicago, and a safe trip home :)

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  1. Oooh! I'm jealous. Ann seems so incredibly cool! I'm glad you had a chance to meet her. I've got a Julia Spencer-Fleming book, but I realized after I bought it that it's not the first, and I get the impression the books need to be read in order.

  2. Isn't Ann great? :D
    Twittering is hard work after all!

  3. Aughh! Lucky duck. Ann Aguirre AND Giordano's?? Totally jealous.

  4. Wow, I'm blushing. Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, I had a good / safe trip, but so fast that it left me with a yucky cold from breathing all that germ-y airplane air. I did some shopping while I was there on Saturday and signed some books at a couple of places. I also got presents for my husband at Best Buy.

    I had a ton of fun and I was so excited you could make it on short notice. Giordano's had wonderful pizza and the company was even better. The conversation was fabulous and I always enjoy talking about books with people who love them as much as I do. Thanks for coming to meet me on such a wet, foggy night! (The weather was straight out of Victorian London.)

  5. Doooh.

    I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. Ann kindly invited me--I'm a Chicagoan and the energetic Laura Bradford is both Ann's and my agent--but I had family in for the holidays, and couldn't be there.

    Maybe next time, Ann?

    The weather was ghastly--almost literally. lol. Glad you guys had a terrific time, despite it all.

  6. Kati, you're right. Ann is awesomely cool, and so down-to-earth. I can't wait to read more of her stuff. And the JS-F books have snagged my attention. I love finding out what other authors like to read.

    Kate, Twittering IS a job *g* And I don't even want to know what you were talking about when you mentioned "licking" on Twitter.

    Nicola, it was a very good day. My reward for a looong work week and horrendous weather.

    Ann, we luvs you (Kate more than others). I hope you come back, but there are so many places for you to visit.

    Beth! Oh that would have been so great to meet you. Since you're in the Chicago area, maybe we can plan something? SEP's signing is in February if you're a fan...

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