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Wednesday, December 17, 2008:
Brief hiatus...
Just a quick not to let you know I'll be M.I.A. for a few days while I go out to D.C. for a business trip and probably won't get much chance to play - I'm not bringing my laptop and I don't have an iPhone or any of those other fancy gadgets, so you'll just have to miss me. LOL. If you even notice I'm gone *g* The cool news is I'm meeting up with Kati Wednesday night for dinner, and I really look forward to seeing her again.

Stay warm! It's been a freakin' 4 degrees here in the mornings. At least D.C. appears to have relatively normal weather. See ya all soon.

Oh, and to AmyC and Minna, I've mailed your signed copies of Julie James' "Just the Sexiest Man Alive", so hopefully you'll get your package before Christmas.


  1. Stay warm and have a safe trip! And thank you for the book :).

  2. Have fun with Kati! Don't get into too much trouble.

  3. Hope you have fun in DC. Try and stay warm.

  4. Have fun!! And have a safe trip.

  5. Have fun in DC - try to stay warm and have a great time with Kati!!

    Word verification is: damet lol

  6. Hey Girlfriend! Hope you got home safe despite the crappy weather!

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