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Friday, December 12, 2008:
Show some love: An Ode to Katiebabs

That Katiebabs. Everytime I turn around she's sending me a book or leaving me a funny comment at my blog or sending out some hilarious email. This week she sent me a book that I really, really wanted, and couldn't even find it in the bookstore for an instant fix. But Katiebabs saved the day. She's such a peach. Srsly, Kate's the real deal.
Sooo, today's post is for a wonderful internet friend that I haven't known for very long, but who really is one of the funniest, most generous and caring people around. She's a bit kooky and has this weird thing about sheep, but to know Katiebabs is to love her. I think those of you who do know her will agree. There's just something so fun about her, and she's got a dirty sense of humor which I get a kick out of. Or is it pervy? Knowing her, it's probably both.

She's always willing to spread a little of her unique joy around, whether it's in mutual admiration of Gerard Butler, obsessing over "Twilight", or basking in her love for Mhiller (although I admit I haven't fully been keeping up with the The interactive amoeba demon sheep round robin story - shame on me.
Kate's true love...
Now I'm not really funny or clever, but one thing that I think I am is sincere, so here's a little tribute to one of my favorite people that I've met online:
Kate, Kate, what's to hate?
Not a lot, with what she's got.
She's a redhead who likes to keep
sheep in her bed.
She's quite a writer,
and if you're Gerry or Roarke
she'll ask you to bite her.
She likes tea,
though it makes her pee.
She's got a big smile
that goes on for a mile.
Mhiller's her mate.
I guess that's what you do with sheep,
or maybe they call it fu...bleeeeep!
She works in New York.
But does she like pork?
We may never know,
Kate's not a...'ho!
Though, I don't know.
She could be a 'ho.
Not that that's bad.
Katie is rad.
She Twitters away,
flits through her day.
Trying to make the larvae boobs
go away.
She loves Tropic Thunder,
and that hawt Hugh from Down Under.
She's great friends with Kristie,
sometimes they get misty,
though Kate
can get twisty.
At least that's what I've heard,
cuz of that bird(ie)
who told us the tale
of Kate lovin' on males.
She's all about Rhev from BDB by JR Ward,
but she'd better be careful or
she'll get tied up with some cord.
Though that could be her thing,
we all know how'll she'll swing
as she dishes the dirt,
hey, she's quite the per-vert.
But the truth is we all love her.
There's not many above her,
well that's not all true as there might be a Brother.
One wicked male named Rhev who's thing has a barb.
So she'd better eat a lot of carbs.
She'll need her strength to keep up
with the dirty games he's dreaming up.
Thing is Katie's our girl, we're her biggest fans.
If she were a guy we'd call her our man.
Yeah Katie's the best,
and if put to the test,
she'd get my vote
as someone worthy to note.
So that's why I'm writing this ode
to Katiebabs our dear friend,
whose generosity and caring
never seems to end!
Thank you so much Katie
for all that you do.
If there's now a smile on my face,
it's all cuz of YOU!
So from the heart Kate, I wanted you to know how freakin' awesome I think you are, how crazy, funny and amazing, and how I am happy as hell to have a friend like you :) This poem totally sucks, but it comes from the heart, and I hope you have a rockin' weekend. Same goes to the rest of my blogging friends.

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  1. Very cool and very busy blog, Stacy. Love the colors and the bookshelves and so many friends' blogs...I'm in awe!
    Dawn Atkins

  2. Fun! Kate does rock! And so do you, sweet, sweet, Stace!

  3. So sweet. Isn't it great to have such good friends.

  4. *claps*

    I could not agree more!

    *bowsdown to Katie*

  5. I am crying and laughing at the sametime. Stacy, you are truly a lovely person.
    I need to go find a tissue.

  6. Hear, Hear! Oh I so agree!! Kate's the best.

    Awesome poem Stacy!!

  7. LOL that was great! Stacy you are such a sweet person.

  8. Excellent!! Both your poem and our KB!


    Hmmm...spam word is dinkybo. Is that a sheep reference?

  9. This is the cutest thing EVER! And I am in completely agreement. KB is the best.

    *throws confetti*

  10. I love it -- and Kate rocks my socks. Very sweet, Stacy :-)

  11. Aw, that was so unbelievably sweet. :) Stacy, you're such a doll. :D

  12. That is beyond lovely! And it obvs took some time to do, which is even cooler. And Katie IS awesome!

  13. kayyyybeeeeee! we luvs her.

    she's my book fairy and even more fun in person. *g* (goofy photo of kb and sula goin' crazy at SF Borders!)

    yay katiebabs!

  14. she is frickin awesome, isn't she?

    MMMWAH to both Stacy and katie! :P

  15. Sula: OMG!! We are some sexy chicks!

  16. Ahhh... Stacy this is great, you are so right Kate is amazing and so are you.

  17. LOL, love this!

  18. See! And, this is why I LOVE the book blogger community!

    What a lovely thank you, Stacy. And, for someone who really deserves it, too.

    ((Stacy)) ((Katiebabs))

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