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Sunday, December 21, 2008:
Back in action...
Well I had a great time in D.C., partly because it was more than 20 degrees warmer there, and also because I got to meet up with one of my pals (and one of the best bloggers out there), Miss Kati.
I had a 3:43 flight on Tuesday, but Chicago was having major winter weather - heavy snow - and we actually didn't take off until closer to 6:30pm. Ever been on a plane that had to be de-iced. Just a normal day in the midwest, but it was only my 2nd time flying on a de-iced plane, and it wasn't until we leveled off that I could breathe easy again. (Thank You God and United Airlines!) By the time I got to my very nice hotel, close to 10pm, I was exhausted, especially since I'd been up since 5am EST. And despite being such a nice hotel, there was no room service. I was too tired to sit at a table and wait for dinner, but I was starving, so I went to the 24-hour market and got a hot pocket, chips, and an iced tea. Barely finished it before I crashed. Thank God I didn't have to be in the office until 9am the next morning.
Not my picture, but it's what I saw - just imagine heavy snow coming down and well, you get the idea...
Met up with Kati for dinner after work. She was nice enough to come pick me up since I didn't have a car, and we headed out to the nearby mall. What did we decide on? The Cheesecake Factory of course. One of my all-time favorites. I ordered my usual (chicken Madeira), and yes, cheesecake was involved. The nice thing is, I took away left-overs, and since I had a fridge and a microwave, I was set. Man, my company got off easy with me - one dinner lasting 2 meals. And the conversation was mostly all about the books. I guess we were sitting near the waiter station and a lot of them got quite an earful - what with talking about m/m/f books and similarly titillating topics. Hopefully the guys learned a thing or two ;) It was just so much fun having someone to talk romance books with. And srsly, the longer I know Kati, the more I like her. I had a great time talking with her, and the evening just flew by. Plus she's one of my favorites when it comes to book recs too. 95% of the time, I totally have to agree with her opinions. I love that.
As for the rest of my stay, well, normally I don't watch a lot of t.v., but something happens to me when I'm in a hotel - I'm glued to the tube. I'm also an incessant channel flipper. I caught "P.S. I Love You", which I'd seen in theatres, but wasn't going to miss an opportunity to see Gerard or catch a glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bare butt. I forgot how much I liked him in the movie too, even with his clothes on.
I did bring some books with me, but the only one I managed to read was Linnea Sinclair's "Games of Command", recommended during "Virgin Hero Week" at RNTV by another of my favorite people, Katiebabs. It's a good book, though not as much sexin' going on as I'd hoped. Ms. Sinclair is a bit skimpy with the love scenes, but I did like Branden and Tasha (Lady Sass) a whole lot.
Virgin hero!
Got home Friday night, and had a pleasant evening digging my car out of the snow, then got home and had to shovel the driveway. Always a fun time, especially when it's heavy, wet snow and the snowplows have already been through, piling about a foot of snow right in front of said driveway. If nothing else, this winter is going to build up my muscles...or kill me. Yesterday I slept. Today it was -5 degrees, and I stayed indoors all day. I have food, caffeine, chocolate, the internet - why leave?
Anywayz, stay safe out there everyone, and enjoy the holidays :)



  1. I had SUCH fun with you Stacy. And believe me, the feeling is TOTALLY mutual. Thanks for being a sympathetic ear for my whining too. LOL! Do get in touch if you're coming back in January!

    I'm glad you made it home safely. I worried. Cuddle up and enjoy Christmas.

    Oh! I'm planning to start Games of Command tomorrow. Thanks for the warning about the lack of sexin'. It's good to have the right expectations.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Glad you had a good time and made it home safely :)

    Linnea Sinclair does have less sexin' than I prefer but her stories and world building are excellent. I am reading Shades of Dark right now (it comes after Gabriel's Ghost).

  3. Welcome back!!! I'm glad you and Kati has such a good time together.
    I love Games of Command but I think the sexin' is lighter because she's more of a SciFi writer - but what there is - mighty fine. And Branden - swoon-worthy hero!

  4. I just finished The Flame by Jean Johnson, that was another virgin hero (and heroine for that matter).

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