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Sunday, October 19, 2008:
We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming... pause for station identification, and because I'll be out of town on a business trip this week and chances are I won't get much of a chance to keep up with the posts here. I've pre-arranged a few to give any devoted visitors I might have a reason to come back. I hope I at least get a chance to read while I'm away, as I'm bringing some "Crazy" Janzen books and a SEP. We shall see.
Adios, my friends. I shall miss you while I'm away. Have a great week, and if you're reading any great books, please let me know. I can never turn down adding to my tbr pile, even if it is bad for my health.


  1. Have a safe trip! See you when you get back :-)

  2. Have a safe trip. I hope it's not all work and you get some fun time too. =o)

  3. Have a good trip. I always get a ton of reading done on business trips :)

  4. Have a FANTASTIC time :)

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