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Thursday, January 10, 2008:
me again...
What I've been up to today....

  • reading: "One Night of Scandal" by Teresa Medeiros
  • re-reading: "The Spymaster's Lady" by Joanna Bourne, and next is "A Kingdom of Dreams" by Judith McNaught
  • eating: a yummy pesto chicken and pasta dish
  • drinking: Dasani Plus water in pomegranate blackberry flavor
  • wearing: sweatpants, a t-shirt and comfy socks
  • jewelry: silver necklaces
  • listening to: Fall Out Boy
  • watching: uh, "North and South"
  • craving: Haagen Daas sticky toffee pudding ice cream
  • wishing I was in: Aruba
  • dreading: bringing my car to the shop - it's making a funny noise
  • missing: my online friends I visit in Cincinnati for the get-together - why isn't it June yet???
  • glad it's: not Monday
  • hoping I'll be called by: no one. I'm sick of talking on the phone right now.
  • crushing on (in RL): someone I shouldn't be...sigh. Need to work on finding a *g*
  • crushing on (my dreams): Gerard Butler
  • tired of: Britney Spears, though she does have my sympathy. I just don't want to see her anymore.

  • can't get enough of: Richard Armitage & vanilla iced coffees
  • can't stand: pineapple. I'll still hate it tomorrow too.
  • glad about: three-day weekends.
  • thankful I'm not: famous

  • fascinated by: the Loch Ness monster and tigers

  • believing in: the good of other people

  • so over: paranormals

  • remembering: the first time I read McNaught...happy sigh...

So, what are you up to?



  1. Gerry of Richard?!?!? Who to choose.
    And I never did go see PS I Love you. :(
    BTW, is The Spymaster's Lady really so good as everyone is saying? I saw it at Borders and took a glance through (had to look for those sex scenes of course) and nothing really caught my eye. Well except for the naked man chest on the cover! Woot.

  2. Oooh! This is a good one, Stace. Can I borrow??

    Katie - The Spymaster's Lady lived up to every single one of my expectations. Jo Bourne writes like someone who has published 30 books. The thing that gets me is that use of language. It's really quite phenomenal.

    Stace, are you gonna review it?

  3. I have often wondered how McNaughts books were. I was told that Whitney, My Love is one of the finest books ever.

  4. I'm not up to much. Pretty bored actually.

  5. Katie, TSL is amazing, so different because you can distinctively tell the characters apart without the author telling us who's speaking. It's hard to explain, but it really draws you in.

    MK, I'm workin' on it. (And feel free to borrow whatever).

    Sarah, W,ML is wonderful, but it's not my favorite. I'm re-reading Kingdom of Dreams and can't believe how easy it is to get sucked into it again. I love that.

    Kelley girl, I bet you're busy with the baby, your adorable oldest, your dh, and your writing. I think your life is waaaay more exciting than mine!

  6. Well, I think I have to find The Spymaster's Lady. I finally finished North and South today. I loved it.

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