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Monday, January 07, 2008:
Less is more?

Sometimes, yes it actually is.

Spending money is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but what happens when you really need it? Do you charge it? Sure, but paying off credit card bills for the rest of my life is not my idea of a good time, not with those finance charges. I can do without that stress.

Eating more feels good at the time, especially when you're indulging in fattening and flavorful food, but not fitting into my favorite jeans makes me cranky. I could wear sweatpants all the time, but I love my jeans when I go out.

Getting more sleep is a luxury, but I also notice I am rather sluggish at work when I sleep more than 6 hours a night during the week. Six hours seems to refresh me enough to be more alert and better company. I might nap on the weekend if I need more rest.

This year I've decided to buy "less" and enjoy "more" what I already have. I have a teetering TBR pile that could be considered armed and dangerous to anyone who got too close, namely me. So here is my plan for the year:
  • Work on reading my tbr pile. Realistically, I know that I will still end up buying books (such as Elizabeth Gaskell's "North & South), but I hope to buy less and read more. Right now I feel overwhelmed by what I haven't read: Elizabeth Hoyt's trilogy, Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Bay series, the rest of the Nalini Singh Psy/Changeling series, the rest of Lara Adrian's vamp series, the rest of Anne Stuart's Ice series, on and on. And so far this year, other than my BAFAB, I haven't purchased any new ones, despite being dangerously close to a bookstore last night. Yay me.

  • Don't spend money I don't have. I've paid off my credit cards and plan on starting fresh. I've opened up a separate savings account to put spare change and have a book, DVD, & clothing fund, as well as a vacation fund (planning a few trips this year). Before, my debit card would get an indiscriminate workout rather frequently. This year I plan on keeping a better eye on my finances, and spend money less foolishly and impulsively, which has led to regret on occasion. I am also canceling my membership to a gym I haven't been to in way too long and putting that money towards my new account. I'm not getting any younger and a rich man isn't going to come and take me away from it all, so it's up to me to save for the future...or win the lottery.

  • Feel less guilty for not keeping up with what the rest of blogland is reading. Let's face it, I go by my moods when it comes to reading, and right now I'm seriously paranormal-ed out, so if the next best thing is a flying chihuahua with magical powers who might be half frog with a touch of ostrich, well, I'm just going to have to pass. (Unless it's She-Ra of course, then I'll make an exception). I don't care how good it is. Reading should be for pure enjoyment, and not the next greatest thing. Plus I seem to be a slower reader these days...could it be all that blogging?

This all probably sounds boring to you, but the dork in me is completely excited about my brand-new change jar, complete with a counter to keep track of how much I save. I love it! I'm like one of those old ladies who only pay with bills - no one's getting my pennies LOL.

Are you changing your ways?

Anyone else have any useful tips for 2008?

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  1. Stacy - I think it's great that you've set what sounds like some very attainable goals this year. That's terrific!

    For one, I only have one resolution this year, and that's to get into shape. I've lost the weight, now I've got to lose the jiggle! LOL!

  2. Stacy those are some great goals!

    I have been setting up very small goals for myself lately. Like I now officially make my bed everyday. I used to never do this but I figure I can’t yell at my son about his room when he gets older if mine isn’t up to par as well. Plus I really like sleeping in a bed that has been made in the morning.

    I officially quit smoking back in December and have been doing really well with that one. My first true test will be when I go out to a bar.

    And I too have cut back on my book buying. That has to be the hardest of them all LOL.

    Good Luck to you with all of your goals!

  3. Well Kati, I know you can do whatever you put your mind do. I am so jealous of your determination, but also incredibly proud of you. Way to go hon.

    LeeAnn, I know you've set some difficult goals for yourself, and wow, you are making them happen. Not buying books is soooo hard, and I cannot imagine how tough it is to quit smoking. Keep it up girl :)

  4. OMG Stacy-I was thinking of doing this exact same thing! I need to reduce my tbr pile and save money for trips too! LOL It's freaky.

    I'm already finding the not buying books hard - Saturday was a bad day. hehe

  5. I have a huge TBR pile and an addiction to buying books, so this year I vow to utilize the library much more often (free books - it's a no brainer)!

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