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Thursday, January 03, 2008:
"Power of Love" athology & Lori Foster's June event

Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade (June 3, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425221482
ISBN-13: 978-0425221488

In this engaging anthology of never-before- published stories, twelve award-winning and bestselling authors are united by their unique visions of the resilient woman and her quest for self, for fulfillment, for empowerment, and for an enriching new appreciation for what love really means—and why it matters.

A young woman is torn between the overbearing security of her fiancé and the excitement of an old flame…a desperate wife is forced into the workplace for the first time in her life…an ambitious professional woman finally finds the courage to take control of her career—and her man…an emotionally fragile divorcee finds resolve in the ethereal visitations of an archangel. These are just some of the women who discover and rediscover their wonderfully fallible selves in the shadow of love—romantic love, platonic love, new love, and lost love. You’ll be touched, inspired, charmed, and amused by these twelve original stories of disparate longings, unsettled lives, and the power of love.


Other great news about this is that the anthology will be released in time for the June 2008 Lori Foster/Dianne Castell get-together. Here is a current line-up of the authors attending:

Liz Andrews
Camille Anthony
Lyn Armstrong
Maya Banks
Michele Bardsley
Becky Barker
Anya Bast
Laura Baumbach
Jacki Bentley
Heidi Betts
Elizabeth Bevarly
Toni Blake
Monica Burns
Susanna Carr
Tori Carrington
Dianne Castell
Sam Cheever
Billie Warren Chai
Ann Christopher
Mary Ann Chulick
Edwina Columbia
Jodi Lynn Copeland
Diane Craver
Paige Cuccaro
Sharon Cullen
Sierra Dafoe
Lauren Dane
Gia Dawn
L. A. Day
Jamie Denton
Kate Douglas
Carol Ann Erhardt
Katrina Farabaugh
Gail Faulkner
Lori Foster
Shelley Galloway
Xandra Gregory
Heather Grothaus
Megan Hart
Ann Jacobs
Marcia James
Marteeka Karland
Amy Knupp
Celia Kyle
Rosemary Laurey
Marilyn Lee
Lora Leigh
Toni Leland
Mary Lennox
Michelle Levigne
Cathy Liggett
Kimberly Logan
Cait London
Melissa Lopez
Donna MacMeans
Jeffrey Marks
Lena Matthews
Janice Maynard
Erin McCarthy
Sarah McCarty
LuAnn McLane
Sandy McWhorter
Lucy Monroe
Rae Morgan
Shelby Morgen
Tuesday Morrigan
Anne Rainey
Tracy L. Ranson
Sara Reinke
Patricia Sargeant-Matthews
Jan Scarbrough
Dianne Love Snell
Michele Stegman
Marianne Stephens
Kay Stockham
Kira Stone
DeNita Tuttle
Eve Vaughn
Shiloh Walker
Ann Warner
Diane Whiteside
J. C. Wilder
Gwen Williams
Beth Williamson
S.J. Willing
Donna Wright

That's 86 authors so far! It's the 4th year and it's bigger and better than ever, and believe me, if you've never attended a reader/author event, this is a great place to start. I've gone every year and have had a blast. It's informal, relaxing, and fun, and Lori and Dianne try to make it as affordable as possible. Registration is now open for those who are planning to attend, and you have until sometime in May to decide if you're still not quite sure, but really, it's well worth it. I know you won't be sorry.

I would love to see you there :)

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  1. I planned on trying to go this year, but I cannot now, I am so disappointed. The event happens a month before I am due and my doctor will not let me leave the state. :(

  2. Sooner or later I'm going to get out there. Everytime you come back and are so happy and high from spending time with readers and authors, I get jealous!

  3. I can't wait to see you again. A year is to long. I have so much fun. Its well worth it. Its nice for me since its in town too.

  4. Oh Kris, I'm sorry you won't be there, but you and your baby come first. I would have loved to have met you in person. I'll try to take lots of pictures for you (that's my New Year's resolution. One of them anyway - to take more pictures.)

    MK, it would rock to have you there. Yes, I am a giddy little fangirl when I come back from this event. Did you know last year my friend Judy had me sign her copy of Romantic Times magazine because my name was in there in reference to Nathan Kamp? LOL. Like I'm a celebrity stalker or something.

    Judy, sweetie, I'm almost tempted to go to RAD this year, but I don't know. We'll see. Miss you too hon.

  5. Well I'll there and I can't wait to see everyone again! Especially as this year I'll have a book in the bookfair. Woo-hoo! I've got fingers crossed that maybe...just maybe...Berkley will allow Linda to order in Trouble with Moonlight for RAD. It has a June release date (currently) so fingers crossed.

  6. Donna thanx for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you again.

  7. What a great list of authors!
    I have never been to Ohio. :(

  8. I want to go so bad. I had so much fun last year. I'm going to try my best.

  9. I'm leaning towards coming out again:) The biggest thing is the cost for me. I've decided to take the summer off from teaching, though, so I shouldn't have any conflicts that way. We'll see!

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