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Tuesday, January 08, 2008:
Contest winner and keeping the love of the "North & South" alive....
Update: as of today, I still have not heard from Kathy, winner of the $10 Borders gift card. If I don't hear from her by Friday, January, 11th, I will draw another name from the original post.


Look, Ma(rgaret), no cravat!

Now, on to the good stuff. Thanx to the divine KristieJ, Dev, Katie(Babs), Sula, Ames, Marg, Jennie, and everyone else who has raved about this amazing phenomenon known as "North and South", I've felt the incredible urge to share with others the joy and bliss that I have experienced from this remarkable series, so I will be hosting a contest within the next few weeks, before the end of January, to win a copy of "North & South".
I haven't decided yet how the winner will be selected, but I promise not to make it too, too difficult - you won't be going on a random treasure hunt or spending any money or anything cray-zee, but I might not make it too easy either, just so I can have me a little bit o' fun. Let's just say commenting on any of the posts, even if it's to tell me to bugger off, might not hurt *g*


John Thornton (Richard Armitage) looking seriously dreamy

Then again, maybe that won't be what I'll do either. I don't know yet. I feel like bein' a brat. All I can promise is that it won't be long and involved. It's all about spreading the love. Stay tuned......

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  1. yay! The N&S love goes on and on! And it's addictive and makes you just HAVE to share it. hehe. I love those pics of Richard. *sigh* I am rereading Dreaming of You right now and Richard is my Derek Craven. I can practically hear his low voice (shiver) in my head as a read.

    somehow i totally missed that other contest with the borders bucks. must go find the post so i can comment and be a contender. lol.

  2. Yum. What a lovely way to start the morning!

    I'll probably end up commenting, but don't enter me for anything. I own it (although my copy is at my sister's house right now).

  3. Excellent! You know what? I wasn't going to watch N&S again so soon (I mean, I just watched it on Friday) but seeing those pictures of Richard/John-I know what I'm doing tonight! Popcorn and a movie.

    The thing about Richard for me is that his good looks sneak up on you. And he gets better the more you look at him. LOL Love those pictures you posted. YUM. :P

  4. Is North and South on TV? What is it about?

  5. LOL Stacy you’re too much. I still need to get myself to the store so I can get a copy to see what it’s all about.

  6. I keep hearing such good things about the movie. Anyone know where I can get me Richard? WOW! He's something very nice to look at!

  7. Woo-hoo, Stacy! I just started watching again last night and am planning on curling up with it on Saturday while at my sister's.

  8. Yay to keeping the love alive!

    The man is a total dreamboat isn't he! It's funny, I woke up this morning feeling a bit blah, but by the time I visited Kristie and Katiebabs who have Richard reading a kids story, and Sula who has a Robin Hood video up...I'm feeling a lot better!

    Maybe I need to wake up with Richard every morning!

  9. Sula, it is addicting, and I want to tell everyone about it. I've been picturing RA in the latest historical I'm reading, imagining I'm the heroine of course.

    MK, I know, they put me in such a happy mood that I'm tempted to post pictures everyday.

    Ames, exactly. The first time I saw him I was like "meh" but now it's completely different. I find him so attractive, and the more I watch the movie, the more I find I like ;)

    Kel, I did a review of N&S at the end of December, if you want to check it out. It's a British drama, based on the industrial age. If you like Pride & Prejudice, you'll like this one, I'm sure of it.

    LeeAnn, I feel like N&S is my "Windflower" *g*

    Laura J, you gotta see this! Stay tuned for my contest. Richard is well worth it.

    Dev, I've watched it 3 times since getting it. I can't believe that's all so far. But I know whenever I feel the urge for a wonderful romance, it's right there for me to play.

    Marg, oh to wake up to Richard everyday, now that would be dreamy! I'll try to find more pictures of the divine RA to post soon.

  10. It is very addictive isn't it? It seems the more one watches it, the more one wants to even more!

  11. Who knew reading a newspaper could be so sexy!

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