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Wednesday, January 09, 2008:
Coming soon to re-visiting "A Kingdom of Dreams"

From the Back Cover

He was called the Wolf. He never lost a battle and - it was said - he took no prisoners and ate the flesh of those he killed. He was huge, handsome, black-haired and fierce.
She was a Scottish heiress, a countess in her own right and reputation had it that she was a cold, sour, ugly spinster. They were both about to be astounded.
When she was abducted by the Wolf's men, he found she was bewitching, courageous and totally unpredictable. She tricked him, made him the laughing stock of the English and Scottish courts, and drove him to fury with her defiance.
When, by royal decree, they had to stand together at the altar and form a dynastic marriage, it was obvious it was going to be a stormy and tempestuous union.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR TUESDAY, JANUARY 22nd: Michelle Buonfiglio discusses the romantic classic, "A Kingdom of Dreams"

One of the most enduring truths about my reading preferences is my love for Judith McNaught's books. She is my all-time favorite historical romance author, though Lisa Kleypas is a close second. (Suzanne Brockmann would round out the trio of the best of the best for me).

"Kingdom of Dreams" was released in hardcover back in 1989, so I would have read it in paperback sometime after that. I was around 18 or 19 then, and had been reading romances for about 6 years. I remember how McNaught had this amazing way of drawing me into the story, of how I could get so mad at a character in one instance, then the next minute melt into a puddle. I can't say it's my favorite McNaught book, but it is definitely on my top 20. For the uninitiated, it's definitely "old school" ala Woodiwiss, so it's not for every reader. But it is and will remain on my keeper shelf from now until the end of my time.

Hope you can join in on the discussion

What's your favorite "old school romance?

And now for a treat....

Check out Katie(babs) 1/8/08 post at KristieJ's

~ Bedtime with Richard Armitage (G-rated...for gorgeous ;) ~

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  1. I have never been a big McNaught fan but Kingdom of Dreams is one of my all time favorite romances.
    Such a wonderful and powerful book!

    And there are so many more lovely video of Richard to choose from. *G*

  2. This is definitely one of my old school faves! I'm really hoping I can participate in the discussion (I'm supposed to have jury duty that day).

  3. Thanks for inviting your friends, Stace! I'm really looking forward to this re-read; haven't read it in a couple years. Isn't it funny how you remember how old you were and where you were in life when you read your fave books? I totally have these "life sensation memories" that go along with my faves, too.

    Stopped by katiebabs' place to check out Richard (fr enunciation, if you please) and couldn't figure out how to comment. I'm pathetically inept w/the stuff. But adored hearing his voice. A treat! Oh, he's such an infant himself, though. 36 or something? What a man.

  4. AH Michele!
    There are a slew of Richard bedtime stories on You Tube.
    The way he says "dinosaur" or even "Squirrel" sends shivers down my spine! squirrrellll....
    Actually the website I am part of is fellow blogger Kristie(J)'s place called Ramblings on Romance. She is the true Richard fan! I am coming in close second :)

  5. Ok so I now have my copy and am ready to go. I’ll have it read by the end of this weekend :o)

  6. Richard Armitage is a fantastic leading man and an inspiration to the nation's women.

    If you want to find out more information on his body *cough* of work - then take a peek at

    There is a superb picture gallery!

  7. Madnad, I know that site oh so well. The pictures of Richard are so nice.... porn for my lovely eyes.

  8. So far I only read two JM's books Whitney my Love and a Kingdom of Dreams. I did not care for WML but oh dear, AKOD is definitely on my top 10 romances of all time. It has the sweetest, best epilogue.

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