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Thursday, October 11, 2007:
Happy birthday to me :)
I LOOOOOOVE my birthday. I am totally shameless, obnoxious, and demanding this one day out of the year...well, it's probably way more than that, but it's the only day I'll admit to it. Today truly does become all about ME. So of course I'd want to share my day with you, and let blogland know that today is Stacy ~ 's day. Rejoice with me.
And, AND, I just know before the day is through, my co-workers will be beyond sick of me, my friends will roll their eyes and think I'm rather immature for my age, and I, well, I will be grinning like a fool because, you know, today is my birthday. Me, me, me. Nothing like a bunch of shameless attention to lighten my self-absorbed little heart. And a hottie to make me grin like a silly school girl.

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In my mind, birthdays are to be celebrated (obviously). True, everyday is a special day, but the day we were born is extra special; not just for me, but for all of us. It's like my annual reminder of why friends and loved ones and so important to me and how much I love having them in my life. They can get me through when I need a shoulder to lean on, or make me laugh harder than I've ever done before. They are living treasures.

So yes, back to me again. Today there will be cake, and treats, balloons and banners, cards and gifts and dinner with friends and singing and me taking it all in like a queen before her loyal subjects. God, do I sound sickening or what? Truth is, today, I don't care. Tomorrow I may let guilt and embarrassment overwhelm me, but today is mine. Even my work extension is 1011. How cool is that?

Ahem. Will you still love me tomorrrrrow?

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  1. Happy birthday! And you have every right to act like a diva. After all, it's your special day, which comes only once a year. BTW, nice hunk in that pic. *winks* Is that what you ordered as your b-day present? *wg*


    I hope it's a wonderful one for ya, Sweety!! {{HUGS}}

  3. LOLOL!!! Happy birthday!!! Enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday, Stacy! Hope you have a great one :D

  5. Happy Birthday STACY!!!

  6. Happy, Happy, gorgeous!

    Make a day filled with chocolate, wine and hot men!

    Love ya Bella!





    I love the way you celebrate your birthday. It should be all about you. I hope you have a fantastic day!!

  10. Tempest, thank you. Yesterday I was definitely a diva LOL. And if I could order this hottie to go, I'd be one happy camper ;)

    Thanx Julie! I had a great time :)

    Lori, I'm a total dork. Thanx for the b-day wishes.

    Thanx Dev. I loved all the attention I got yesterday.

    Thank you Ames :)

    MK, it was pretty close. A few more men and life woulda been perfect LOL

    Thanx Chantal :)

    Thank you Mollie :)

    Kelley, I had so much fun, and working in my office, a lot of people stopped by to wish me a happy birthday. I loved all the attention *g* Everyone was so great. I'm so lucky.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY A DAY LATE!!! I hope it was fantastic!!!

  12. Happy Belated, Stacy~!

    In my opinion, all October birthday girls should be shamelessly spoiled. All month, if necessary.

  13. Happy belated bday you diva you... Hope you had a wonderful day. Make the whole month about you..

  14. Jen, Kate and Judy, thanx for stopping! I've had a great couple of days and you guys have just added to that - I appreciate that.

    And Kate, I totally agree LOL.

  15. Happy (Belated) Birthday!! Hope you were as obnoxious-as-all-get-out!

  16. Happy belated Birthday!!! I've been so busy. I'm sorry I missed it!!!

  17. A late Happy Birthday!

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