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Monday, September 17, 2007:
Cuz I really want to...
Mary Kate had an interesting post at her blog about the shame gland and those who apparently seem to be missing one. I know we all have our lapses from time to time and suffer from moments of utter selfishness and "me-ness" (or is that just me?), but some people seem to make a habit out of being shameless, and take absolute pride in their work. After experiencing a drive-by shameless cut direct, it's very easy for me to feel annoyed and pissy and even a bit resentful, but I hate when I do that to myself. I don't like to be bitter all the time, so I'm going to just let it go. After awhile, it's just not worth the aggravation to let some things bother you, so again, I'm going to let it go.
So this week, from Monday, September 17th through Friday, September 21st, I am going to put out a challenge to myself, and any of you are more than welcome to play along. I am going to see how many times I can do something nice for someone, just because. It can be anything such as holding the door open for someone, or letting someone cut ahead of me in line at the grocery store or in traffic (which I really, really hate doing LOL), or sending out a "missing you" or encouragement card, or even buying someone a cup of coffee.
Who knows, maybe it'll be contagious. If not, so be it. I'm doing this so I don't wallow in my petty side (though sometimes I thoroughly enjoy the wallowing, I must admit). I'm going to do it because I really, truly want to. You may wonder "why aren't you already doing these things?" and some of the time I think I do, but it's so easy to get sucked into the land of the shameless that sometimes I really can't be bothered. But not this week. This week I'm going to try to be a better person, and we'll see if I succeed.

Anyone else willing to join me?



  1. Great idea, Stace!

  2. Be nice for a whole week???? Me???!!!LOL! I admire what you're doing Stace. I'd imagine you'll come out of it feeling really good about yourself.

  3. That's a great idea, Stacy!

  4. Thanx. Let's just say I'm off to a sloooow start. LOL. Mondays are ugly.

  5. I try to do this on a regular basis (though I have my good and bad days!) My mom even mentioned to me that she noticed my efforts to be nice to everyone when she we were out and about together when I moved to Arizona. Not that I was rude before, but still. After working in customer service and being treated like crap by customers, I go out of my way to be nice even when things aren't going my way.

    The week is just about over, but I'll consciously be aware of it as much as I can through this week and on into the future!

  6. Stacy, I can't think of anyone who needs to worry about being nicer less than you do. You're always thinking of others and letting them know that you are - that's more than most of us can say, and that's just one of the reasons we love you so much!

    I'm inspired though - I too shall endeavor to do some good deeds.

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