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Wednesday, September 12, 2007:
While settle for one Bad Boy when you can have three ;)
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This is the first book of Sylvia's that I ever read. (Check here for the back cover blurb). It's all about some sexy bad boys, one thing I can't resist, especially in books.

So in order to be eligible for your chance at a signed copy of "Bad Boys Ahoy!" , I'm asking that you name your favorite bad boy from a book. What is it about him you just can't resist?

I'll select a winner at noon CST on Saturday, September 15th, so good luck!

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  1. Ooooh! So easy for me. Cameron Quinn from Nora Roberts' SEA SWEPT. He's hot, athletic, foul mouthed, and has such a way with the ladies.

    I love when Anna (who speaks Italian) calls him on sweet talking a former Italian girlfriend on the phone. Awesome.

  2. Sam/Houston/Roger Starrett, of course.

    You have to ask?

  3. A lot of Rosemary Roger's heroes are bad boys.
    Steve Morgan in the multi-book saga
    Nick Kincade in A Dangerous Man (a particular favorite of mine)

    Then there's Susan Johnson who also has lots of bad boy heroes.

    While I'd never fall for a bad boy in real life I admit to liking them in books.

  4. Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent,from Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas. He is who is and doesn't make excuse for his bad behavior.

  5. I'll have to say Valerius from Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon ~ simply because this was the first dark-hunter book I read, and I instantly loved Val's character. He's a very good bad boy!

  6. Vince, from Turn up the Heat by Sherrilyn Kenton.

  7. I know the contest is over, but I still wanted to answer.
    My bad boy is Ranger from the Plum series. I love him. He is so mysterious and yummy.

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