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Wednesday, August 29, 2007:
You say it's your birthday....
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Yesterday was Vivi's birthday,and she was celebrating it in style (check out how she likes to and here *g*) and it reminded me of how much I love celebrating my birthday...which isn't for several weeks. I enjoy the attention, the balloons, the spankings - just kidding *g* I do like celebrating, and can be rather obnoxious about it. It's the one time of the year I don't mind all the attention - usually I'm pretty laid back and prefer to stand in the shadows, off the radar. But on my special day, it becomes all about me.
What about you: do you like to celebrate your birthday?
If you don't mind sharing, what day does it fall on?
Any special birthday memories?
Leave a response (with your birthdate!) and I will pick one winner to receive a book of their choice, as either a belated or an early birthday gift!
~Contest will end Sunday, September 2nd, noon CST~

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  1. Mornin' Stace! I love my birthday, mainly because it falls on a very minor holiday, but one that almost everyone celebrates -- St. Patrick's Day (March 17th).

    My mom was pretty good about making a big fuss over birthdays, so I like a fuss. Not a big one, but definitely going out for dinner, etc. On my BIG birthdays, I tend to do something BIG for myself. At 30, I had a HUGE party where three other friends who turned 30 that year and I took 30 of our friends to West Virginia for the weekend. We paid for everything. We went skiing and soaked in the hot tub, etc. It was awesome. For my 35th birthday, I took a two week Mediterranean cruise with three girlfriends. It was wonderful too.

  2. I don't mind a quiet birthday, but Todd always makes it all about me. I'd be an idiot to say I don't like that. lol

    My birthday is November 19.

    I think my favorite birthday was my 40th - even though it was totally different than what I had thought it would be several months earlier. (It was right before my last chemo and Todd took me to Eureka Springs for the weekend - remember? If not you can read about it here But you left me a comment so I know you read it. LOL)

  3. My birthday is December 11. I don't have any particular birthday that stands out. Which is kind of sad, but in the winter, there really wasn't much to do. LOL Also, my birthday falls between the 10th and 12th, when a bunch of other family members have birthdays. So group birthdays is popular in my family.

    But I'm not sad about it! LOL The best birthday gift I ever got was Max, for my 17th birthday. :P

  4. Hey Stacy-

    My birthday is January 31st. I think birthdays should be a big deal because afterall it's your day right.

    Usually don't do anything really big for the day though...maybe go to dinner and a movie with friends. That's about it.

    Actually one of my work friend's b-day is today and another one has her big day on Friday. I try and get my friends a little something for their days because like I said you should feel special because it's your day. Jill got Red Lobster GF and Anna will be getting Texas Roadhouse GF. Those are their favorite resturants respectively and no I wasn't very original this year but nothing jumped out at me wen I went shopping so I figured a nice dinner out is always nice.

    So when is you b-day Stacy?

  5. My birthday is August 16th. I love celebrating my birthday.

  6. Well for me its really hard to celebrate my birthday. Its not because I don't like to but it is the day after Christmas. Everyone is either broke, tired, with family, etc. Last year I was with my family at Christmas and instead of the traditional Christmas dessert we had my birthday cake, LOL. Oh well. Everyone is so pooped after the holidays my birthday usually just comes and goes. Except for my hubby, he's forced to make up for everyone else, LOL.

  7. Hey, Stace!!!

    As I get older, I find that the kids' birthdays are much more fun than mine. They get presents and cake. I get older and gray hair (I actually saw a few this year).

    My birthday is important because it begins the "birthday rounds". Our birthdays run March, April, May and June. Then the hubby is September but the girls know when mom's birthday comes their's is around the corner and the lists begin.

    My birthday is March 19. MK and I are birthday sisers. :o)

  8. MK - That day suits you, my Irish friend! I love how you celebrate your birthday :)

    Jen, you make every event special, and I love visiting your blog. Funny, inspiring, thought-provoking. Thanx for sharing.

    Ames, Max is the ultimate gift! I love Max and his adventures. He's so cool :)

    Barb I love gift cards - for movies or restaurants or bookstores. I don't think they are impersonal at all - I think they are perfect, and getting one to a favorite store is a very thoughtful thing for you to do. October 11 is my favorite day (evil grin)

    Crystal - yep, me too LOL.

    Kelley, I hear ya. That's a tough day. But it's also a special one. No one should forget that one.

    Hey Jules, I can see you giving all your attention and time to your kids. And I'm not surprised you & MK almost share a birthday - you're a lot like real sisters :)

  9. Hey Sweetie. I love my birthday but its not really celebrated much in my family. They just aren't a bday kinda group.

    I love taking the day off and just being lazy...

    Miss you

  10. I like celebrating my birthday. It's the one day that I get to chose what I want to eat and do! Usually, it's up to the 2 little ones to decide.
    My birthday is Sept. 30.
    The birthday I remember the most was in 2000. We were at the Formula One race in Indianapolis. It was our homeymoon trip so I keep telling DH that he still owes me a birthday present for that year. He finally said the race was my present. Ha, now he owes me a honeymoon!

  11. Hi Stace. My birthday is on May 7th. I love that day. My kids make it more special for me than any other day.

  12. I find birthdays best spent with loved ones but we don't do anything lavish. Just a simple cake and my mom's specialty birthday noodles make my day very special.

  13. My birthday is April 25. I don't really mind it, but I don't really celebrate it anymore either. Usually will have a nice dinner with close friends and family. My first birthday memory is when I turned 3. My mom had made me a cake and had put colored marshmallows on it. I just wanted the marshmallows and I remember standing on my tippy-tippy toes to grab them off the cake.

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