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Wednesday, August 08, 2007:
With friends like these....'re never bored.

As I was driving home (er, to McD's for my daily fix of vanilla iced coffee) after work today, I was listening to my voicemail, and realized I had a bunch of saved messages, so started listening to them while I'm driving. There must have been around 6 or 7 of them in my in-box, and they're all from the same person, my pal L. I'm laughing my ass off because she is just so damn perverted, and I just love her to death for it. Lately we've been talking on the phone anywhere between 1 - 3(!) hours a DAY, and I hate talking on the phone. Can't stand it. Drives me nuts. But talking to her is like non-stop hilarity. See, she's one of those people who can say anything to anyone and never get in trouble for it. She can talk trash with the best of 'em, and sexually harass her supervisor without him being any the wiser. I really want to be her when I grow up because she is always having so much fun.
One of the things I think is cool about her is that she doesn't look like she's the obvious bad girl: she's a divorced mom in her mid-forties, looks a bit like a shy, quiet wallflower...until you get to know her, then all hell breaks loose. Once you meet her, you will remember her, that is for sure. Her teenage nieces think she's the coolest "auntie", and even their boyfriends think she rocks.
Lately she's confessed a little secret: she totally has this thing for Professor Snape (from the Harry Potter movies for those not in "the know"), and okay, yeah, so maybe I can kinda get her "call me 'bitch' and I'm yours" attitude with it comes to this bad boy. She will describe in great detail all the wicked and unmentionable things she wants him to do to her with his magic wand. She's sick and twisted, but I wouldn't trade her for a million iced coffees. Yep, she's a keeper.

And of course she has this way of bringing out my dirty-minded side, which makes her cackle evilly with a bit of maternal pride. The most innocent comments can be turned into something suggestive and shocking when she's around, as L has made it her mission in life to make the world a much naughtier place. Hey I say if she can keep people laughing, than more power to her. I bet her raunchy attitude will keep her young. And no question, she really is one of those people who does enjoy life to the fullest.
What about you: do you have a friend who can always make you laugh?
Someone who brings out the shockingly "bad" side?
Do you get the whole Professor Snape attraction thing???

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  1. Hi Stace! Well, I don't get the Professor Snape thing...but I do get the Alan Rickman thing.

    I'm lucky to have a couple of girlfriends that I can talk to who always make me laugh. First and foremost, my BF, Amy. She's hilarious and we have the same sense of humor.

    My best guy friend, Scott will always, always make me laugh too. He has an incredibly dirty sense of humor, (so do I), so he can always make me crack up.

  2. I have several friends who can always make me laugh - but one in particular who is a constant source of joy for me!

    I'm not sure that I'm not the one who brings out the shockingly naughty side, though you would never know that from my PG blog. lol

    I personally don't get the Professor Snape thing. But whatever. :o)

  3. People tell me I'm a bad influence lol. Dude I so get Snape but I would totally get down on all fours for Lucius!!!! That man can make anything he says sexy, or naughty, depending on where your mind is at the moment. :-P

  4. MK, yeah, Rickman has that quality that just draww women. It's a mystery. And isn't it great to have friends like that?

    Jen, I have a few friends like that, but not quite like L. She takes it to a whole new level *g*

    Mailyn, yep, I can see that about you LOL. But that's a good thing. Oh, yeah, she likes Lucius too.

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