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Thursday, August 02, 2007:
Hitting close to home...
I know most of you are aware of the awful tragedy that happened yesterday (August 1st) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when an 8-lane bridge buckled and collapsed during the evening rush hour, causing dozens of cars to fall more than 60 feet into the Mississippi River. So far, 4 people have been confirmed dead, but with about 30 others missing, the number of those who died in this horrible accident will no doubt be much higher.
Now this is not the first time something like this has happened, and it's certainly not the worst event that's ever occurred in my lifetime, but for me, this one shook me up more than usual because it was a place I knew quite well. I grew up in northern Minnesota, but had been to the Twin Cities countless times, even lived in downtown Minneapolis for 3 months when I was 19. So when I heard the news, my first thoughts were of my family and high school friends, many of whom moved away from where I grew up to live in the Cities, where the jobs are. So far, my mom hasn't reported any bad news, and I'm praying that it stays that way.
The truth is, when I hear things like this happening, my heart goes out to the families for the loss of loved ones and for the awful news, but I don't dwell on it much. I imagine it happening in an abstract kinda way, but I'm ashamed to admit it doesn't really penetrate as deeply when it's people or an area I'm not familiar with. That is just such a callous thing to say, but I have to admit it's the truth. After yesterday, I know I will be thinking about this everytime I drive across a bridge or an overpass. I know I will be remembering those who died so horribly. Drowning is my biggest fear, and I shudder thinking about those poor people trapped in their cars. It's a sobering and devastating thing to imagine.
I hope each of you is safe and sound with your loved ones tonight, human and furbabies alike. Give them each a big hug and let them know just how important they are to you.

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  1. Hey Stacy, it just makes me cry to see all the coverage. Its so true your life can change in a blink of an eye. Sending lots of prayers to people up there.

  2. This one made me take a step back too. I couldn't imagine...I just couldn't imagine. I hope all of your friends and family are safe.

  3. It is always harder when you have that personal connection. I think that is one of the reasons Dunblane was so terrible for me--except it was just bloody terrible.

    When people we know and like are in danger it creates a bigger impact. Doesn't mean the people dying in other places/countries are less important, but don't feel guilty for feeling the anguish more keenly.

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