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Sunday, July 15, 2007:
Weekend mumblings
Oh wow, there is life away from the computer LOL. True, I haven't felt much like surfing lately, but that doesn't mean I don't miss my online friends, cuz I do. It's just nice to have a little break and actually hang out with friends in RL, going out, drinking (but not driving), gossiping, enjoying the gorgeous weather. It's been wonderful :)
I saw "Harry Potter 5" on Thursday with my friend B and her twelve-year-old son and we had a great time. It was nice to see it right away, but not to have to be in an overcrowded theatre. It was perfect. As for the movie, many of you who've read the books and/or seen the movies, it's a darker version, angrier, and more uncertain. I liked it a lot, but was disappointed we didn't see quite as much of Ron and Hermione cuz I want those two to get together, and bloody hell, I have my little crush on Ron. And isn't there just something smarmily sexy about Snape? Hey, I know I'm not the only one here.
Afterwards, I headed over to Border's and bought the 6 books in paperback - I had a gift card otherwise I probably would have only gotten 2 books. Anyway, I wanted to delve more into the story, because obviously there's a lot they can't include in the movies. Better late than never, right?
In other news, today is my 16th anniversary with my company. Almost 4 years ago we went through a transition and changed our name, but those of us who worked there during that time got to retain our seniority, so that means next year I will get 5 weeks of vacation - woo hoo! But I keep thinking ahead, because people don't stay with companies for 40 years anymore, so I'm always trying to consider my options - you just never know what could happen. The only sure thing, it seems, is that in my company, no one is indispensable. It's good to remember that because then there are no rude awakenings.
That being said, I love my job, and the people I work with. A year ago, I was having a meltdown because I wasn't where I wanted to be, but in October I got to go back to my favorite office, and I am grateful and thrilled that it worked out. Some people can put up with being unhappy in their jobs, and I will admit that when I thought it was temporary, so could I, but once I was told it was going to be permanent, my drive and passion for my job waned considerably. Everyday felt like a prison sentence. I think something like that really makes you think about what's important in your career.
Do you love what you do?
Could you do a job you didn't enjoy just because you got more money?
What makes you love what you are doing?

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  1. I'm so glad you got the books! Let me know when you read them. I think you will get so much more from the books than the movies. Also I think the books go into more detail about how much Sirius meant to Harry.

  2. I do love what I'm doing now (teaching). I wasn't so happy working at Verizon. The people were nice, I got a lot of great opportunities (like going to Hawaii for 2 weeks for work!), but it was stressful and the work just wasn't fulfilling for me most of the time. I'd wake up and dread going to work.

    I still have some frustrations with teaching, but I really enjoy being in the classroom and working with students. I feel like I'm making a difference even if I reach just a few students in each of my classes.

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