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Sunday, July 01, 2007:
Speaking of perfect kisses....
Perfect kisses, the kind that make you weak in the knees. Only in this instance I'm talking about the ones you watch in a movie, or read about in a book. You know, the ones that make you feel like they are almost happening to you.
I remember watching "Pretty Woman" when it first came out years ago and hearing Julia Roberts' character telling Richard Gere that they could do anything except kiss, because kissing was too personal, too intimate, and being young, I didn't really understand it at the time how a kiss could make a woman feel more vulnerable. It wasn't until a short time later than I understood exactly what that meant. There's just something about kissing someone that is so revealing, so unique, that you feel like you are giving away so much of yourself. Think about all the kisses you've had over the years, and the ones that really stay with you, the ones that make you melt, the ones that were the complete opposite of the icky, slobbery tongue invasions that some guys seem to have, unfortunately, perfected over the years.
Kisses in movies and in books can be just as telling if they are done properly. Sometimes they can make your heart sigh, sometimes they fill you with anticipation, and other times they can even turn you on. A kiss in a movie can be more memorable than the most explicit of sex scenes.
One of my favorite kisses in the movies is the one between Julia (Drew Barrymore) and Robbie (Adam Sandler) in "The Wedding Singer". Julia's best friend/cousin is asking her about the kind of kiss to expect from Julia and her groom at their upcoming wedding, but Julia has trouble putting it into words, so her cousin says "show me" and has Julia kiss Robbie, who is not Julia's fiance but her friend who's helplessly falling in love with her. Not wanting to turn it into a big deal, he agrees to help her demonstrate. At first they are laughing about it, but soon they both get a little caught up in the kiss, unbeknownst to Julia's cousin, and Julia starts to wonder if maybe Robbie is the one she really has feelings for. The kiss is sweet, yet intense, and definitely a moment of clarity for both Robbie and Julia. I loved this scene.
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Another favorite kiss of mine is from my all-time favorite movie, "East of Eden", with James Dean and Julie Harris. Cal (James Dean) is the bad brother, the one who always gets into trouble, yet he's drawn to his brother Aron's perfect fiancee Abra (Julie Harris), who is reluctantly attracted to him as well. As time goes by, Abra gets to see a side of Cal that no one else does, and realizes she knows him better, and connects with him more completely than she does her own fiance, yet she can't help but feel guilty about it. One evening, Abra is paired with Cal at the town carnival, and she talks with him and even flirts with him, and they end up going up on the ferris wheel together. As it stops at the top, letting people off, Cal and Abra share a sweet yet forbidden kiss that leaves them both miserable because of their growing feelings for each other.
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One kissing scene that stands out in a book is Zsadist's and Bella's first kiss in "Lover Awakened". Z has never been kissed before, so it kind of freaks him out, but the guy is a fast learner:
She didn't wait for an engraved invitation or for him to change his mind. She pressed her lips to his lightly, then hovered over his mouth. When he stayed where he was, she dipped down again and this time stroked at him. His breath sucked in.
"Yes," he whispered.
"Relax your mouth for me."
Careful not to crowd him, she propped herself up on her forearms and got in close again. His lips were shockingly soft except for where the upper one was scarred. To make sure he knew the imperfection didn't matter to her, she deliberately attended to that place, returning there again and again.
And then it happened. He kissed her back. It was just the slightest movement of his mouth, but she felt it all the way to her core. When he did it again, she praised him by moaning a little and letting him take the lead.
God, he was so tentative, feeling his way across her mouth with the most gentle of brushings. He kissed her sweetly and with care, tasting like apples and male spice. And the contact between them, though light and slow, was enough to have her aching.
When she sneaked her tongue out and licked him, he pulled away sharply. "I don't know what I'm doing here."
"Yes, you do." She leaned in to keep the connection. "You really do."
She quieted him with her mouth, and it wasn't long before he was back in the game. This time when her tongue stroked over him he opened his lips, and his own met hers, slick and warm. A slow twirl started...and then he was in her mouth, pushing against her, seeking.
It gets more explicit after that, but wow, taken in context, that kiss is stunning, and one of the most memorable scenes in the book, imo.
What movie and/or book kiss stands out in your mind?
What do you think makes a perfect kiss?

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  1. Hmmm ~ well, I haven't been kissed in over 8 years so can't really draw from recent experiences (although I'm working on it).

    As far as books, kisses that have stuck with me are Romancing Mr. Bridgerton with Penelope and Colin (their first kiss). Loved that one.

    Never Been Kissed ~ the kiss between Sam and Josie at the end sticks with me. Hell, I cry everytime.

  2. MMMmmm, Stace, great topic! Let's see, movies/TV where I sigh everytime??

    Ladyhawke, at the end, when Navarre lifts Isabeau off the ground, and growls, "Isabeau," and then kisses her. Definitely a favorite.

    How 'bout Lea and Han's kiss in Empire Strikes Back, when she says to him, "I love you" and he replies, "I know."

    Also, I have to say that Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer had some incredible kissing scenes with David Boreanaz, but the one that sticks out to me is in the first season. They're at the Bronze, and they're slow dancing. He leans down to kiss her, and when they part, an imprint of her cross is burned into his chest. That's HAWT!!

    For books, how 'bout It Happened One Autumn by Lisa K. when Marcus and Lillian are in the butterfly garden? The pages were smokin'!

    Devonna - I LOVE Never Been Kissed! When Michael Vartan runs out of the field? Oh yeah, it's a great moment!

  3. Yeah, me? Not so good with the memories of books so I can't tell you. Or movies for that matter. Sheesh, Imma have to think on this one. Oh but one of my exes sure did know how to kiss. I mean seriously, the man had a god-given talent for that sort of thing! Too bad it was the only thing he was good at. LOL.

  4. Devonna, sometimes it feels like forever since I've been kissed, and the memory's not as good as it used to me LOL. And oh, yeah, Michael Vartan, yummy. I love that scene.

    MK leave it to you to remember some fabulous scenes. I adore both Ladyhawke and BtVS, so I know just what you're talkin' about.

    Mailyn, ever the practical one, it's too bad some guys just have that one talent, isn't it? And I totally get the memory thing.

  5. My brain is toast. I loved your post. Hmmm... Screen kisses. Can I think of any?

    Hugh and Andie in 4 weddings.
    The one in the rain in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    And all the above examples...lovely :)

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