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Sunday, June 17, 2007:
Happy birthday, baby bro
This one's for my youngest brother, Brett, who turns 30 today. I remember the first time I saw him: me and and my other brother Darin were staying at my grandparents' house when he was "introduced", and I fell completely in love. This was my brother. I was five, going on six, and just amazed that this little person belonged to my family.

He's the mellow one out of all three of us, not really getting into trouble and kinda just cruising through school, but he's also someone who takes pride in the work that he does. He's constantly busy, being a mechanic, tow truck driver and volunteer fireman so he's always on-call. He recently moved away from home (northern Minnesota) and ended up in Wisconsin. I am so proud of him, and hope he's doing what he loves most.

Happy birthday, Brett!

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  1. Happy birthday Stacy's little brother

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