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Thursday, June 07, 2007:
Sailing the high seas.....
I love old movies, and this one has a romantic quality to it that fits right in with some of my favorite historicals. I saw this several years ago on AMC or TMC or one of those "C"'s and fell instantly in love with it.
"The Black Swan":

After receiving the governorship of Jamaica, former pirate Henry Morgan--now Sir Henry Morgan--dispatches his able first mate, James Waring (
Tyrone Power), to dispense of his former henchman, the red-headed villain Captain Billy Leech (George Sanders) and his fighting ship, the Black Swan. In the process, Waring, also a pirate turned loyal subject, abducts Margaret Denby (Maureen O'Hara), a young woman of aristocratic bearing. Margaret fights him tooth and nail up until a battle between Waring and Leech changes the way she feels about her captor. Power brings a winning mix of gallantry and roguishness into the role of Waring, while the film itself harbors the perfect recipe for entertainment between its passionate romance, lush photography, adventure on the high seas, and outlandish characters from both fact and fiction.


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I love this movie. Everytime I watch it I still feel that familiar thrill that I get even though I know what is going to happen; I am impatient to be caught up in the action all over again. This movie came out a year before my mother was born (1942), yet I still enjoy watching it more than a lot of the recent movies that are out there on DVD. There's plenty of action, breathtaking sexual tension between Jamie and Margaret, and fun adventure.
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When I first saw this movie, I really wanted to be Maureen O'Hara. Not only is she beautiful and being chased after by a deliciously wicked pirate, she is a strong, stubborn woman who speaks her own mind and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Just look at her in this picture - proud, determined, not cowering in a corner and hiding away from a challenge. Lady Margaret is a wonderful heroine, and sometimes I picture this character when I am reading a really enthralling historical. (That's a good thing).

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Jamie: You can lower your pistols, Lady Margaret.
Margaret Denby: Unfortunately, I have no pistols.
Jamie: Your eyes. I've looked into pistol barrels that are warmer.

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Jamie: In Tortuga when a woman slaps a man's face, it means she wants him to grab her, over-power her, and smother her with kisses. I understand in Jamaica a gentleman must refuse such overtures.

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~ Oh, but how could any woman resist for long when you have a sexy pirate whispering sweet nothings in your ear.....~

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Jamie: I always sample a bottle of wine before I buy it. Let's have a sip, see if you're worth taking along.


Sigh............I wouldn't mind hanging out on a ship with Jamie boy.....especially as portrayed by Tyrone Power. There was something sweet and sexy and vulnerable about him, something that would thrill you whenever he was near. And Jamie was definitely not immune to Lady Margaret. Just the scent of her perfume had him thinking about her even when he didn't want to. Yep, he had it bad.
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What is it about pirates? The wildness, the freedom, the idea of being above (?) the law and living life on your own terms...those are all very irresistible ideas. And I've always been attracted to the tousled, carefree type of hero. Sure, a man in uniform is nice, but give me a fireman or a pirate over a clean-cut suit anyday. Give me a man who wears his shirt unbuttoned, his face and body tanned, and his hands calloused. Heck, give me Jamie Waring.....

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Do you love pirates?

What's your favorite pirate book?

Favorite pirate move?

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  1. I love Maureen O'Hara and this movie sounds absolutely delicious. I've got to check it out. Sigh...time is my enemy, that and this book I want to write on top of the ones I have scheduled.


  2. LOL! Should I even answer the question???

    Yes. I love pirates. I love pirate books (one in particular).

    My favorite pirate is Han Solo. But I'd definitely take Captain Jack in a pinch.

  3. I love pirates. My fav pirate movie is "Pirates of Penzance". Kevin Kline as the pirate king is sexy as all get out. Although when I first saw it, I was for Rex Smith. I couldn't understand why none of the girls didn't want to help Fredric. I also wanted to be Linda Ronstadt.

    I adore Maureen O'Hara. I'd watch any movie with her in it. She is such a spit fire. Gotta love it.

  4. Have you read the book this movie was based one? Rafael Sabatini is considered the father or romance and I LOOOOOOOOOVE his books. He wrote a lot of pirate books including The Sea Haw and Captain Blood.

    I should post about this. In fact, I will! Tomorrow. LOL.

  5. I love this movie, it is one of my favorite old movies. I would take Jamie-boy home any day.

    My internet is back, Yeah!!

  6. I doubt very much if it would stand up today - but when I was a young'un, my favourite pirate movie was King's Pirate with Doug McClure and Jill St. John. I had a wee bit of a crush on Mr. McClure and Jill St. John was quite a strong pirate queen.

  7. LOL to mention which particular one??? (batting eyes innocently).

    Julie, I never saw Penzance, but I do like KK a lot, so I'll look into it.

    Mailyn, how cool! I want his books. I'll be sure to check out your blog *g*

    Kris, me too sigh... Yay, you're back!

    Kristie, how'd I know you'd find your way to the pirates? LOL Great suggestion - I will check it out.

  8. You made me want to go get this movie!

  9. I used to watch all those pirate movies and forgot which they were. Must look for this one. Captain Blood--yes that was a goody--Errol Flyn wasn't it?

    I love pirates--recommned a book to me PLEASE :)

  10. Not a big pirate reader/watcher, although I do have a soft spot for Han Solo (my first crush) and around the same time we watched the Pirates of Penzance constantly. I was all about Kline, even at 7 I knew Rex Smith was a tool.

    Stacy, send me your email, I have a vintage HP to send you. There's a contact thingy on my blog.

  11. Oh, and what I really wanted to say is that Maureen O'Hara is the bomb. I prefer the red hair, though. When I watch some of these old movies, and compare the strong, sexy actresses of old to the skinny, anemic lackluster actresses of today, I sigh and shake my head. But good idea, I'm going to start picturing them for heroines. Maureen, Ava, Vivien Leigh, Joan Fontaine (for the "plain" ones), those ladies could keep up with a vampire warrior.

  12. Okay, I think we all know by now that I have a particular weakness for pirates! Just look at my blog! only be swept away by some swarthy pirate on the high dangerous seas with run filled nights and treachery. Yeah, I havent' thought about this much! LOL

    Favorite pirate books - The Least Likely Bride by Jane Feather, & Master of Seduction by Kinley Macgregor

  13. Love, love, love this movie! And yes, I'm a sucker for pirates. Thanks for the smile,


  14. Never heard of this, and now I HAVE to watch it. Thanks for sharing - I'm looking forward to it!

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