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Tuesday, June 12, 2007:
Another blog's contest - for a good cause
Okay so much for getting away, but this is a cool contest for some important causes that are near to my heart, and I feel very strongly about: the troops, battered women, and the homeless animal shelter.
My pal Laurie is having a contest at her blog for a copy of the Author/Reader cookbook "The Write Ingredients", which has been signed by several of the authors. Many readers have also included recipes (including yours truly - page 21) - go check it out here.
You also have the option of buying a copy, or several (as they make GREAT gifts) by going to Amazon or check it out directly at the Samhain website.
Oh, and tell Laurie I said "hey".

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  1. Just wanted to say hi Stacy!!!

  2. Thanks for giving the contest a shout, Stacy - I appreciate it - now come on over and get your name in the hat!!

    Have a great weekend, sweetie!

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