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Wednesday, June 13, 2007:
Get-together: the final totals
Lori finally got the final totals from what was collected the weekend of June 1st from her get-together:

  • To the YWCA (battered women's shelter): $4000 (is that totally awesome or what!? We're rounding up from$3936.29 from raffles and bookfair totals)
  • To the AAF (Animal Adoption Foundation) : $500 (that's raffles from a special basket, etc)
  • For the Troops: $225 in cash for shipping + lots of stuff to go in the boxes!

Not too shabby. Can't wait til next year when the totals will be even higher!

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  1. very cool, congrats. Having fun and supporting good causes. I hope i can go next year. :)

  2. That is very nice :) Great work guys :)

  3. Cobgrats! That's just awesome.

  4. wasn't it fun again this year? That is so awesome on all the totals. Can't wait for next year again...

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