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Wednesday, June 27, 2007:
Shout-out to my "royal friends"
Seems like June has been good to a few friends of mine, and I wanted to say how proud I am for all their hard work; their success is well deserved.

  • Queen Bella Michelle Buonfiglio is moving on up to LifetimeTV and here is Michelle's intereview with the fascinating Jackie Collins.
  • Beth "Lady B" Eakin is getting great reviews for her role in "And the Nightingale Sang", which is a production being put on by the Boiler Room in Nashville. I am so proud of her; she's one of the nicest and coolest people you'll ever meet - we roomed together in Atlanta last year at RWA and had a blast "stalking" Erin McCarthy *g*

What's your good news?

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  1. Hey Stacy. I agree Beth is the best. I just love her. I am so proud and happy for her. I wish I lived closer to see her play.

    Not much news with me. My niece got a job where my sister works. She is going to miss being around her baby Amya all day but she needed to get a job. I hope she likes it.

  2. I'm counting down the weeks till I take a long awaited 2 week vacation in th UK. I don't know if I remember the meaning of the word vacation!

    And only 10 days till oldest son leaves for 3 glorious weeks *g* (I really will miss him... honest!)

  3. My good news? I'm reading a really good book! ^__^

    That's lame, I know. LOL.

  4. My good news is i have no bad news. The vibes this wekend have been bad.

    Oh--I just had nutella on toast for lunch. that's good news :)

    Congrats to your friends--super cool :)

  5. My good news is that I'm actually reading ~ not like I'm used to, but I'll take slow and steady over not having any mojo at all.

  6. Just got back from a great teacher training, it was awesome and i learned a lot. But now I am faced with the enormous task of moving. I hate moving.

  7. My other good news is that I got Lori Foster's Simon Says yesterday and fnished it this morning, could not put it down, i love her books.

  8. Judy, Beth is a great friend, and I'm thrilled for her - she deserves it.

    Lori, that sounds so exciting! Have a great trip - can't wait to hear all about it. LOL on your son. It's good to have that "away" time - makes you miss him a bit.

    Mailyn, reading a good book is never lame. It can be the best :)

    Toni, no news can be very good news, so I don't knock it. I've never had nutella. Or marshmellow fluff. I've been so deprived.

    Devonna!!! Missed you, girl. It's good to see you on-line again. Hope you're around to stay.

    Kris, sounds like some good stuff, but you're right about moving. One of my least favorite things. And I'm so jealous about Simon Says. I can't wait to read it.

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