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Tuesday, June 26, 2007:
Binging on Harry Potter
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My head is still pounding from trying to watch 4 Harry Potter movies in one day (Sunday), when actually I only managed to finish the first 3 and 1/4 of the 4th one, and the vodka shots helped a lot. Okay, they were actually shots of buttered rum and apple pucker, which makes for a good caramel apple drink, but vodka shots just sound so much more hardcore and tough, like I'm fighting some kind of battle for possession of my brain.

So Harry Potter is a wizard, and yeah, you already know that. So he does wizardly things, has two best friends, a prepubescent Spike arch enemy and numerous threats to his magical person, not to mention some pretty horrid relatives. I haven't finished the last movie so who knows what I might be missing beyond that. I do have to wonder: don't you wish though that Hermione and Ron would get to have more adventures without good ole Harry almost always saving the day? And aren't they just the cutest pair, fiesty and funny and just too cute together? Maybe it's the romance reader in me that sees the potential for HEA, and for all I know, somebody dies, but dang, I want the love story.

And Dumbledore? Who doesn't miss the late Richard Harris' portrayal of the master wizard? His voice still reminded me of "Camelot", which I saw for the first time when I was around 15 or 16 and just loved it. And did anyone else cry when the Phoenix spilled tears on Harry's wound, or was that just me? And I think Hagrid is a big gentle teddy bear you just gotta love. I also liked Gary Oldman as Harry's godfather Sirius Black, so I hope he'll be back (update: okay I inadvertantly found out what actually happens in the latest HP movie), but then I've been a fan of Gary Oldman's since I saw him in "Criminal Law" with Kevin Bacon. He plays compelling roles that draw you in even while he repels you, and this one was pretty interesting.

So I'm almost all set for the 5th movie, to be released July 11th. I don't know if I'll go that exact day - the thought of all those kids scares me - but sometime around there. I look forward to traveling along with Harry and his pals into their next adventure....

So, what's your favorite HP movie, or were you like me and have never seen even a moment of them?

What is the appeal?

if you could use magic for any reason (only good, of course) what would it be?

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  1. I love the books and the movies. I know many people complained about the movies but the HP books are very long and there is no way in hell they can get everything in there. Honestly I couldn't give you a fave. Love them all. Can't wait for the last book!!!

  2. Like Mailyn, I can't choose a favorite movie!

    I can tell you my least favorite though. Kelley and I were talking about this at the get together! My least favorite of the movies is number 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban) which happens to be my favorite book in the series. I think it being my favorite book is why it's my least favorite movie. They are all good though!

    I just love Sirius:) I'm not sure about going to see the 5th movie though, because the book made me cry and I really don't like crying in public!

  3. I've seen the first movie and waited for my daughter to grow before reading the books. Now she doesn't want to read it as she thinks it is too scary (she's 7).

    What to do??

  4. I love Harry Potter. I'm the biggest fan. Love the books, love the movies. They are the only movies I see as soon as possible when they come out. I love the magical world. Even though there is some scary stuff out there I think its great. I wish I got a letter inviting me to Hogwarts when I was young! My favorite book was three. I love Sirius! It wasn't my favorite movie though. My fav movie was four. I can't wait to see the next movies and I already have the last book on order so I can pick it up the day it comes out.

  5. Love your blog Stacy. Oh and you've been tagged. Since I see you at the Plotmonkeys everyday I thought you might like the tag. :)

    I couldn't get it to link to you though so if you come to mine you can see the tag.

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