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Friday, June 22, 2007:
Happy Friday
Woo hoo it's about time the weekend got here! Anyone got any big plans? Me, well, Harry Potter's 52nd movie is coming out mid-July from what I've heard, and I've been invited to go see it, however I haven't seen the previous movies nor read any of the books, though I have 4 of them, so one of my goals is to actually sit down and watch them. I like reading and seeing movies in order, I'm anal that way.
What else, what else. The well is dry, people. I go through this bored periods where nothing much appeals, though reading-wise it's been a great coupla weeks. Here are my current favorite things:
  • Reading "Satisfaction Guaranteed" by Lucy Monroe and I'm just really into it. Beth is a wonderful heroine - quiet yet strong and sassy when the need arises.
  • McDonald's vanilla iced coffee is perfect for summer, and I've been known to stop at least once a day to get my fix.
  • "Big Girl Now" by Fergie is constantly playing in my head. Every song I hear by her is better than the last. I need to get this CD already.

The always cool Mailyn is celebrating pirates, and naming the person who wrote the book "The Black Swan" was based on. Go check it out here.

And don't forget Sylvia Day is having a contest for "Perfectly Plum". Ends today.

That's all she wrote. Have a wonderful weekend - it's supposed to be hot again, but I'll take it over snow any day of the week :)



  1. Happy Friday to you too, Stacy! I hope you have a fab weekend. Kelsey and I are working concessions at the ballpark tonight (band fundraiser). A bit of a pain being on our feet for 5+ hours, but fun to see all of the little ballplayers in their uniforms! All of the little boys like to buy the pouches of Big League Chew bubble gum - they think I'm crazy when I tell them to be sure and brush their teeth before they go to bed after having all of that sugar in their mouth. Going to Cedar Point tomorrow for Tim's company's Family Day. Should be cooler on the lake, so it might actually be pleasant!

    I've asked for Lucy's latest for my birthday next month; we'll see if anyone listened to me!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Yay you think I'm cool! I'd say I'm obnoxious. LOL. :-P

    Dude I loooove McDonald shakes. Vanilla is my fave.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  3. My hubby and I are doing something for our anniversary this weekend. We don't know what we're going to do yet, but we'll find something!

    The Harry Potter movies are great but the books are soooo much better! You should read them too!

  4. Hi Stacy! This weekend, I'm doing lesson plans for summer school and hopefully going out to take some photos. I haven't taken photos in a while, and I'm itching to find something I want to photograph:)

    I hope you enjoy Harry Potter! I got started with the books late, but quickly got hooked! The last book is out in just under a month. I definitely have to say I agree with Kelley; I like the books a lot more than the movies (though the movies are good, too).

  5. Happy Sunday Stacy. Hope you had a great weekend. I have just hung around the apartment. Got some much needed cleaning done. Today I went to kohls and came home to nap with sammy. He is a good little napper. LOL

    Miss ya

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