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Wednesday, August 01, 2007:
Oh the comments....
I am a horrible blogger. There, I said it. It's true. Being the neglectful and self-absorbed person that I am, I have a tendency not to go back and respond to comments people make to my posts - shame on me.
Oh I try to, and the comments even show up in my email as a reminder, but sometimes I just don't go back and read them, or respond to them, maybe because I don't go on the computer for days at a time, or I only visit certain sites (and mine isn't always one of them) because when I am online I just don't always have the time to visit all the places I like to go. My blogging time is limited since I can't access them at work while I'm on break, so my place usually is the one that gets left behind.
How about you: do you respond to all the comments on your blog? Do you check back with the blogs you visit to see if anyone responds to your comments? Does it bother you if no one does? Should I be thanking my lucky stars that people actually come and read the crap I write? Go ahead, you can tell me, I can take it. I won't cry. Much.
In other news, I picked up the latest Rachel Gibson, who, by the way, has an updated website, and gosh, I love her longer hair - she's a goddess. And I can't wait to read her new one. And thanx to one of the reigning book pimps surfing the 'net, (ahem, MK) I've also picked up Nalini Singh's "Slave to Sensation" and....."Visions of Heat". She had me at hot, tortured hero.
And is it me, or does McDonald's Vanilla iced coffee rock or what? I am completely addicted, sometimes drinking 2 or even 3 mediums in a DAY. Please don't anyone tell me how many calories I'm slurping down, I don't need any more guilt.
And, AND, Jodi, this one's for you: Haagen-Dazs has brought back the most awesomest ice cream EVER invented: sticky toffee pudding! Thanx to that enabler (aka Jodi) I have been in heaven (eating a pint never tasted so good) and hell (what, a limited time?!) but after seeing an ad in a woman's magazine yesterday, I went to HD's website and confirmed this as of today. And no, none of these locations are anywhere near me since I live in the 'burbs, but they are in the near vicinity, and that's a good thing, because if ever I am in danger of running out, I can always brave the treacherous city streets for my latest fix. Some things are worth fighting for.

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  1. Hi Stacy,

    I purchased Lacey Alexander's VOYEUR based on your review on Amazon and the appealing cover. Can't wait to read it. Nice blog, BTW. And nice to meet you.

    Elizabeth Amber
    erotic paranormal historical romance
    (Kensington Aphrodisia, August 2007)

  2. I'm hit and miss with responding to my comments, too. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will come back to read my response, sometimes I'm not sure what to say, and sometimes I just don't have the time! Once I do have time, it's been a while and so I figure it's too late. I'm going to try and be better about it from now on, though.

  3. Thanx Elizabeth! Since you write for Aphrodisia, I think you'll like Voyeur. Thinking about it makes me seriously want to do a re-read ;)

    Michelle, I hear ya. Sometimes I get busy or just don't feel like being on the computer, but I do appreciate people who stop by, so I am going to try to be more responsive - my New Year's resolution LOL.

  4. Umm, book pimp?? I'm not sure who you're referring to.

    All I'll say is this, if Lucas Hunter doesn't end up making you gooey on the inside, I'll eat my hat. Seriously. I love this book so much. He was my favorite hero of last year (although Z was a close second).

    After you're done reading it, let me know and we can chat about our favorite scenes!

  5. Yes, I read my comments, answer them, and check to see if other people reply to my comments...i'm needy like that! LOL

    Yay, sticky toffee pudding is in 3 of my local groceries!!

  6. Oh and I WILL be checking back to see if you respond, missy! heehee

  7. I used to try to respond, but now I'm receiving so many comments and I'm so overwhelmed, I don't like I used to. Not that I'm complaining mind you...:o)

  8. Its hit and miss with me. Sometimes I do other times I don't. I'd like to try and do it more often but I'm a bad blogger too, LOL.

  9. Hey Stacy--

    I try and respond....just restarted blogging in the last couple of days so.

    Do I worry about people reading the crap I write.....I wouldn't say worry but it's frustraiting to write and have no responses. I just chalk it up to I must be writing boring stuff no one wants to comment on.

    As to the McDonald's iced coffee. Surprisingly I prefer the hazelnut over the vanilla myself but I do love them. have been stopping there every morning instead of Starbucks...(much cheaper on the pocketbook). girl you must be hooked I have been know to go twice in one day (morning and evening) but never 3 times (yet)

  10. Ha! MK, I'm on to you. I'll try to read Singh this weekend ;)

    La la la Jodi, here I am. I don't you as being needy though, but highly entertaining works. Love your blog.

    Rach, I've seen some of your posts - 50 or more comments, and that's impossible to respond to. I think we all know that, and stop by to be with you and Hannah and Lily and Brien. You don't need to worry about commenting.

    Kelley, that's exactly how I'd decribe it.

    Barb, no I wouldn't say boring at all. There are so many bloggers out there, and so little time, that sometimes it's hard to go to all the ones I like to visit. I might do a drive-by and respond to 3 posts by a person because I don't visit everyday. I don't know how people can do it, unless they can access them from work, which I can't.

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