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Sunday, August 19, 2007:
8th annual Children's Memorial Radioathon
Many of you know that there are a few causes near and dear to my heart: supporting the troops, the care and welfare of animals, and anything to do with children. This past weekend was the 8th annual Eric and Kathy 36-hour radioathon for Children's Memorial Hospital. And every year I listen to the stories, uplifting and sad, and they never fail to make me want to do something, something important.
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Another year has come and gone, and so far they've raised $1,847,912 to help Chicago's kids. Yay! That is outstanding. When you hear all the bad stuff on the news and see cruelty and greed and selfishness, being a part of something like this can really lighten your heart and give you faith in people again, or continue to have it in those who tirelessly pick up the torch to fight another day.
There is still time to donate...just go here.
What cause(s) do you support?
How do you try to make a difference?

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  1. We have a few causes. Each time we have a baby, we call in to sponsor a child in a third world country.
    I donate yearly a lump sum to the Canadian lung association.

    We also donated to Katrina and the last big tsunami disaster.

  2. Very cool Chantal. I love how you honor your own kids by helping those who are less fortunate. Your comments prove the importance of giving back. Thanx for sharing :)

  3. Awesome. Anything that has to do with kids is a biggy to me. You rock!!

  4. Stuff like this makes me happy. I trully wish they did more of these things for animals as well. :-(

    I did the meme!

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