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Monday, October 01, 2007:
Drive-by reviews
Wow, October is here. And the weather is still amazingly gorgeous, except for today, when it rained, but even still, the sun peaked out for a little while and you didn't need a jacket. I love days like these. Won't be many more like it, and then I'll probably be stuck indoors, out of the cold, blogging my fingers off.
Been reading like a fiend, and here are a few reviews, nothing special, just my thoughts as they are.
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I've determined that I must read a JR Ward book at least twice before I can make any kind of sense out of my reaction. The first time I scarf it down like a pan of caramel brownies, and barely taste it. The second reading is much more indepth and I catch more details.
I won't lie - I loved V from jump, in fact there's really not a BDB I don't feel affection for, even Wrath. V had his share of revelations and confessions, yet there were times I felt almost like he was reacting to everything (okay, almost everything) from a distance. Maybe it's because of all the yearning he felt for Butch in the last book, I expected his pining session to go on a bit longer, even after falling for his mate, Jane, who by the way, rocked, especially compared to previous heroines. I loved how attracted V was to her intelligence, and how she didn't make him change one bit for her. V was V, dirty boy and all, and Jane went for that.
I was fairly happy with this installment as I have learned not to have the highest expectations, but rather just learn to go along for the ride. JRW does seem to tie up loose ends a bit too easily, too conveniently, and there are still quite a few unanswered questions that would have served the series better to be addressed in this book instead of a future installment, so that was rather frustrating. One of my biggest issues is that the author always seems to be writing ahead -concentrating on someone else's story instead of that of the main characters in this particular book. Here, she's setting up Phury's story in a big way, when all I wanted was Jane's & V's story, and a few answers thrown in.
The ending was quite a bit strange, not completely satisfying, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but now, because of JRW's futuristic visions, my heart is aching for Phury. I really hope he finds a true female of worth, someone who will value him as he deserves. The boy needs some love.
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Cute, small-town stories. A bit tame for Brava, but endearingly quirky and sweet. Not quite what I was going for when I picked it up, but I'm a fan of all 3 authors - Lori Foster, Karen Kelley and Dianne Castell - and it was fun re-visiting old friends again. Lori's story was by far my favorite, a bit earthier and sexier than the other stories, and Levi was one hot hero. If you're in the mood for a Christmas anthology more cute than hot, this one fits the bill.
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Okay, this trilogy reminded me of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in that the first movie was the best, the 2nd movie was good, and the third was kinda way out there. I loved the first "X-Men" movie, how Logan/Wolverine slowly began to care for his fellow mutants, how he had unrequited feelings for Jane, who, while attracted to Logan, loved Scott. I loved that Jane was smart and beautiful, that her talents grew as time went on. Magneto was a fun villain type, friends with Charles Xavier yet determined to wage his own war against humans.
Movie #2 kinda cemented who was on whose side, and showed the growing danger to the mutants. The X-Men were more of a team, even working with Magneto against a common enemy. We learn more about Logan's past, see the struggles with right and wrong, and even feel the pain of losing a fellow X-Man who makes a sacrifice to save many. It ends on a bittersweet yet hopeful note.
Then we get to the last installment, and I wasn't paying attention but I have to wonder if new writers were involved. Instead of bringing in new developments that would help the story evolve, much time was focused on tedious details. True, a cure for mutants has been discovered, and the battle is over whether being a mutant is a natural state or a disease. A good guy goes bad, more X-Men die, and by the end of the movie, I was more depressed than hopeful. Will there be another X-Men movie? It's hard to tell, but I would prefer it if this movie was just a bad dream.
What books/movies have got you talking?



  1. Stacy ~ I'm still on a Twilight high (finished it yesterday). I haven't seen/watched a movie in so long ~ there's a few I want to rent, and one I want to see if November.

  2. I'm so glad you liked LU!! I've just started the series (I finished Rhage's story) and am LOVING them. But all the reviews I've seen regrading LU have been not so good. Not, what I want to hear when I'm just starting the series!!!!

  3. Hey Stacy!

    I finally got around to reading Force of Nature last week.

    I'm, um, kinda obsessed.


    I've got a TBR stack a mile high -- not a good thing, when you've got, oh, deadlines and such. But I'm a weak, weak woman.

    At least when it comes to books. :)

  4. Dev, I have this book, but haven't started it. Been obsessing about other vamps instead.

    Mollie, I must admit I had low expectations, which is not really a good thing, but I'm obsessed, and plan on reading til the (bitter) end.

    Kate, wow, it took you long enough, but hey, it's too long between books from Suz, so maybe that was smart.

  5. Lover Unbound got me talking.
    I also like V a lot. Except for Butch, I wouldn't mind being under any of them, hehe.

    Mollie, the first several books in the BDB are very good. It's just the last two that have been less than pleasing.

  6. I really like LU. I'm kinda bummed about the end but overall I liked it. Jane was by far my fav of her heroine's.

  7. I love Wrath myself. :P My mom is holding LU hostage-maybe I'll get it back this weekend. LOL

    As for the X-Men, the big draw for me is Hugh Jackman. *drool*

  8. I just started "Charming the Prince" by Teresa Medeiros. I started two books in September and didn't finish either one. I don't ever remember that happening before! So hopefully this - my first TM book - will get my reading mojo back.

    As for movies, Road Hogs and Over the Hedge are my latests watches and both were great! We had to pause Road Hogs because I started laughing so hard I was afraid I might pee. Sorry. TMI. But you know how I am. :o)

  9. *blinking*

    What's Twilight and Force of Nature?? Am I missing books I should be reading??

  10. Hey marykate --

    Force of Nature is Suz Brockmann's latest in her Troubleshooters series. It's got Jules in it, so I'm good. :: sigh ::

    And Stacy, I know, I'm lame for waiting so long to read a Suz book. Especially since I just know I'll be snapping up All Through The Night right away, deadlines be damned.

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