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Friday, September 21, 2007:
a star in Heaven has a birthday
Today would have been Hannah's 6th birthday. If you remember, Hannah is RachD's beautiful girl, a source of love and delight and wonder, even to those who've never met her. Hannah passed away in July, but everyday before and since her light has shined, and when I think of her, I see a different world, a gigantic place where amazing things are happening all the time, and not just the same old place I rush through on a daily basis. Rach loves to talk about her kids, so I knew of Hannah and her sister Lily for a long time, getting a kick out of their child-like antics.
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Rach has been amazing, and I know that it's been so, so hard for her. What mother wouldn't be devastated? But Rach has chosen to honor both her precious children by living life, and dealing with the pain and sharing herself with others. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult today much be for her and her husband Brien, but I know that Hannah is watching over her family, and that there are many, many people who are thinking of this incredible family, especially today. I am humbled at Rach's strength, and her loving spirit. I think she must be a very special person, and that those people in her life were drawn to her because of it. I feel so lucky to have someone like her in my life, and while I may not always say it, I visit her blog frequently and find peace and hope in the way she celebrates life.
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This picture of Hannah makes me wonder: what was she thinking about just then? Did she she angels from where she was sitting, or little magical fairies that were completely enchanted by her? I imagine she saw many wonderful growing things, and that she was sending out her love to her family - Rach, Brien, and Lily - and those people who were never strangers to her.
If you get a chance today, think about Hannah. Remember how wonderful it is to discover something new, something living, something God created and shared with the world. Notice the sound of the wind, or the scent of sunshine on your clothes. Watch the birds as they soar above, and the clouds as they float on by in their fluffy glory. Remember Hannah.

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  1. Gorgeous, as always, Stace. I'm wearing my cotton candy pink shirt today and my sparkly heart shaped crystal earrings and my hot pink flip-flops.

    I know today will be hard for Rachael and Brien, but I'm hoping that she'll take comfort in being in the 'Burg, which seems to make life a little better for her.

  2. I'll be thinking of Hannah today, Stacy - and sending warm, comforting thoughts out to all who loved her.

  3. I'm thinking of Hannah, Stacy. I hope all who loved her are conforted in knowing that she is watching over them from Heaven. She sounds like just an amazing little girl.

  4. Amen, Stacy!! Wonderfully put and beautifully written. {HUGS}

    I am wearing a bright flowery dress with a sparkly headband. I also have on my "wow" bracelet the dh gave me on our anniversary. It is also quite sparkly. ;o)

  5. Beautifully written. I will think of Hannah today and hold my little one a little tighter.

  6. I think they must all be very special people.

  7. Ah Stacy thanks for the reminder. I been having such a terrible week but you know its nothing compared to losing a child. Sending lots of prayers.

  8. What a beautiful tribute.

  9. Thank you all for stopping by. I thought of Hannah all weekend. It really does make your own problems seem so insignificant. This little girl has taught me so much. Yes, she is very special.

  10. Aw, Stace, it's *beautiful*! And yes, Han did manage to see things the rest of us just waltz right by. Thank you for taking the time to remember my precious Monkey and to look at the world with the eyes of a wondering five year old! :o)

    In case I haven't told you recently, Thank you for being my friend! :o)

  11. A beautiful and touching tribute to Hannah. I'm glad I visited this morning and saw this post about such a remarkable little girl and her loved ones.

    Blessings to Hannah's family!

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