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Thursday, November 05, 2009:
Upcoming: Veterans Day: free entree at Applebee's - feel free to share

Someone had emailed this link from Applebee's. Turns out that the restaurant chain is offering a free entree to Veterans and Active Duty Military on Wednesday, November 11th, Veterans Day. They just have to show proof of military service. Just a little something giving back. You gotta like that. Let's show our military some love.

If you know of any other special events or similar offers, please feel free to share here. I wouldn't mind posting more information. We probably all know someone in the military. Let's get the word out :)



  1. Nice link. Thanks!

  2. That sounds like a lovely idea!

  3. This is sad, I had no idea Veteran's day was around the corner. What a nice event for Applebees to do.

  4. What a wonderful gesture by Applebee's! Thanks for posting this, Stacy. As the daughter of a Veteran and the widow of a 20-year Veteran I always appreciate those who take the time to honor our military.

  5. No problem, Kwana :)

    Orannia, I think so too.

    Smokin, I knew it because we get the day off from work. We give out American flag pins too, to commemorate our soldiers.

    PJ, you should be so proud. The military isn't appreciated enough, and after yesterday's tragic situation at Ft. Hood, it's an even more poignant time.

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