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Tuesday, November 03, 2009:
Spotlight: N - Chloe Neill
When I came up with my spotlight idea several months ago, I had no idea who I was going to spotlight for the letter "N". That is, until Miss Chloe Neill came along. Now I am a completly enamored reader of her books, and much like Mandi from Smexybooks, I wish to share that with my fellow readers.

See, I am not the biggest paranormal reader, despite recent evidence to the contrary, and the idea of yet another vampire series really didn't thrill me. But this one was set in Chicago, which I liked, so that piqued my interest. Then one day I was in the bookstore and I came across it on the shelves and when I read the synopsis, it really appealed to me.

It wasn't until I actually started reading the book though, that I became infatuated. Merit is an incredibly likable heroine. She's stubborn, and a bit of a smartmouth, but she's got a big heart, is loyal to those she loves, and lives by her own moral code. Merit doesn't just simply follow the crowd, even when it doesn't make her all that popular. She's a great heroine.

Plus, I really love that we get to see the mythology in action. Yes, Merit is a vampire, but a newbie at it, and there's a lot for her to learn. While some of it is instinctual, she still has to train and prepare and educate herself on her new lifestyle. It's not always easy for her to adjust to what she's become.

So I've read "Some Girls Bite" twice, and already Chloe is an auto-buy author for me. "Friday Nite Bites" is in the bag I carry to work with me, but I'm not quite ready to start it yet because it's soooo long until the next one.

Something kinda fun: before I actually "knew" of Chloe, she did a fun post at my former review site, Romance Novel TV. Here's her post.

What do you think of female vampires?

Why do you think it might be cool to be one?

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  1. Great spotlight, Stacy! I haven't read Chloe Neill yet (too many books-not nearly enough time)but you have me intrigued. I have a bookstore gift card burning a hole in my pocket and "Some Girls Bite" just moved onto the order list.


  2. I want to be a vampire because they always seem to land hot guys. ;)

    I kid (not really).

    As you give me credit for making you read Some Girls Bite, I have to give the credit to Chloe Neill for getting me started..LOL. She emailed me asking if I wanted to read thanks Chloe! ;)

  3. I've read Chloe's books and they are pure awesome! Love them. :)

  4. Ooooh, it's fun to be in the spotlight. Thanks, Stace!

    ~ Chloe

  5. PJ, I totally here you on that. I always feel way behind on my reading, but I just can't stop buying books LOL. Thank God, cuz I'd miss out on a lot.

    Mandi, ROFLMAO! Ain't that the truth? And I thank Chloe for emailing you and starting it all :)

    Wendy, I'm with you. It was hard to put Some Girls Bite down, because I really didn't want it to to end.

    Chloe, glad you enjoy being in the spotlight. Thank you for being so deserving of it LOL. I'm really looking forward to checking out Fire Spell as well :)

  6. Ohhh, another new author! I must investigate. Stacy, you are so not helping my TBR list *grin*

    I want to be a vampire because they always seem to land hot guys. ;)


  7. Due to my vanity - I think it would be really cool to be a girl vamp cause your hot, like 24/7 kind of hot. You don't need to worry about weight gain, pimples, or getting older. Plus you are like the ultimate bad ass and higher up on the food chain :)

    I always love your end post questions :)

  8. I would love the strength that would come with being a vamp. Plus, the not aging part is a big perk. :)

    Love Chloe Neill's Some Girls Bite, she a great pick for Spotlight N.

  9. Hey Stacy - great spotlight. Maria loves Chole Neill and just gave me Friday Night Bites and Some Girls Bite and told me I MUST read them. Along with the other 5 books on my most recent TBR pile, on they went. But after reading the spotlight I guess I'm moving them up the list.

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