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Thursday, October 29, 2009:
Win a copy of Kylie Brant's "Waking Nightmare"
As promised, I am having a contest for book #1 in romantic suspense author Kylie Brant's The Mindhunters series.

Contest will run from now until noon CST on Sunday, November 1st. All entries must include a response to the contest question to be eligible for an entry in the random drawing. Please DO NOT leave your email address in your post. Winner is responsible for contacting me within 1 week of announcement, otherwise another name will be drawn.

All you have to do is answer a question. In the spirit of Halloween, and to keep with the theme of the book, that question is centered around nightmares.

~ What would be your worst nightmare? ~

Mine, I'm pretty sure, would be drowning. I was never a strong swimmer, but I remember being thrown into the lake when I was a kid - still brings back bad feelings about that day. I also am creeped out by porcelain dolls. They always look possessed to me. Weird I know. Guess we all have our hang-ups.

Anyway, I hope I don't freak anyone out, this should be more in the spirit of the season and like those spine-tingling, chilling feelings you get when you go to a haunted house. Have you ever done that? I haven't in years, but I have memories to last a lifetime *g*

So go forth and enter. Have fun, and good luck!

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  1. Hi :)
    My worst nightmare would be something bad happening to my children.
    All the best,

  2. The worst nightmare I had was really strange and I think it doesn't sound so scary when I tell you. But I do nonetheless.
    I am in a large city in a crowd. They are all scared and in the beginning I always don't know why. Than I see these strange people. They look almost normal but they are all in gray- no color on them at all. They go to all the normal folks and kind of breath at them. This turns them gray too. I start screaming and try to run away from them but they are chasing me. That's the gist of it I think. Scary enough?

  3. Hi! Great contest!!!

    My worst nightmare and my strongest fear are from being lost. I always have to know where I am and where I'm going. And I mean this literally - if I'm going to the strange town I have to study its map and all the public transportation ways. Also, my safe net is money, when I go on a trip I have to have enough money so if I get lost I can pay for a taxi or whatever :)

  4. My worst nightmare would be wrecking my car and being trapped in it.

  5. Oh, anything in light of Halloween!! Great contest Stacy!
    Worst nightmare... If I had to tell you my last nightmare, I would have to say that it was not really scary at all... But to me it was:
    My hubby and daughter found my secret stash of chocolate. Yes, I actually have a "little" stash. But in my nightmare, it was a big pile and they found it and shared it with everyone. See, told you... not scary for you - but to me, yea!

    Now... If I had to tell you what my worst nightmare would be... It would be centered around Jason, Freddie, Halloween man, The Shining, Hostel... shall I keep going... yea... Hubby likes to watch these and I get scared!
    Have a great day!

  6. I have two small sons. My worst nightmare would be something bad happening to them. I guess just like all mothers just thinking about it makes me sick.

    Great contest Stacy !!

  7. My worst nightmares involve falling. That's the only part i remember.

  8. Hi Stacey!! Thanks for the contest.

    My worst nightmare is getting sliced by Freddie's steel fingers. That's why I don't watch those movies anymore. Ugh.

  9. Being buried alive would be my worst nightmare. Having all that weight on you and not be able to get it off you is freaky.

  10. My sister and I almost drowned when I was a teenager, so my worst nightmare is drowning.

  11. Hi Stacy!

    Great contest!

    My worst nightmare would be to be chased and terrorized by a clown. Have always had this thing about clowns since childhood they just creep me out!

  12. I thought I'd leave a real nightmare I've had. Once upon a time j/k anyway I was being hurdled with a bunch of other ppl near a train station --> think Schindler's List, anyway I was terrified. You had to wait your turn, until you could be called into the boxcar...I was so scared. I was next up, I lay down on the disgusting hospital bed, with evil doctor's surrounding me. When, suddenly on the speaker, it shouts "Monty Fu we are ready for you now" (screams). FYI Monty FU is the name of my boss, he was supposed to come in and torture me...personally! That is my worst nightmare to date. The End.

  13. Hmmm worst nightmare - I have so many...

    How about an actual nightmare I had once - I was pinned down by a lion..I woke up before he ate me. But dude - not a good way to go.

  14. Mine is about house and home fires and getting out of control.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  15. My worst nightmare would be finding myself working day in and day out with the bunch of bullies I had to put up with at school.

  16. Stacy - since I was very luck enough to win your Leslie Parrish competition, please don't include me in this contest. However, I did want to answer your question. My worst nightmare is being assaulted.

  17. Hey Stacy-

    My worst nightmare would be living the same horrible day over and over again like the guy in Groundhog Day.

    Worst nightmare I remember having was when I was about 4 or 5 and had seen the movie THE BIRDS, that night I dreamed the birds were going to get me. Funny if you watch the movie now because the special effects are almost comical.

    Have a good weekend.

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